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Congratulations to our Res Scholars!

Resurrection College Prep High School honored the top students in each class during the August 27, 2014 Back to School Liturgy, which marked the first all-school gathering for the new school year. The top ten students in the sophomore, junior and senior classes and the incoming freshmen with the top eleven entrance exam scores were named as Res Scholars. Freshmen Res Scholars are recipients of the Resurrection College Prep Block Top Tester Scholarship, funded by the George and June Block
Family Foundation.


2018 Res Scholars       2017 Res Scholars
Freshmen Res Scholars - Class of 2018: Ewelina Adamczak, Taylor Besch, Brenda Bortis, Katherine Cuscaden, Ashley Kelly, Casey McLaughlin, Kathryn Osepek, Samara Perkinson, Mairead Skelton, Jordyn Sprunk and Caroline Ward.       Sophomore Res Scholars - Class of 2017: Julia Baase, Elyse Boldt, Clare Hobson, Natalie Markech, Analisa Martorano, Noelle McGlinn, Meredith Nowotarski, Melanie Persangi, Eleanor Riordan, and Emma Sudie.
2016 Res Scholars       2015 Res Scholars
Junior Res Scholars - Class of 2016: Alana Fligelman, Katrina Gillespie, Daniella Gonzalez, Melanie Kanakis, Colleen Kelch, Veronica Lane, Madeline Larsen, Allison Muncy, Abbey
Rosenquist and Grace Torres.
      Senior Res Scholars - Class of 2015: Oluwaferanmi Adeyemo, Vanessa Komada, Giahanna Martorano, Mary Ann Metzger, Victoria Miechowicki, Kellsie Murphy, Bianca Nowak, Katelyn O'Grady, Vanessa Pedroza and Cecylia Rudel.



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