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New Resurrection College Prep Logo

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors at their March 24, 2014 meeting and the Sponsor, the Sisters of the Resurrection, at their April 7, 2014 meeting, approved the updated logo for Resurrection College Prep High School. The process of updating the school logo was started in August 2013.  We are grateful to Resurrection Communications Coordinator Kathleen Heneghan for her leadership in chairing this committee composed of various members of the Resurrection community, including: alumnae, students, staff, faculty, board members and Sisters of the Resurrection participated in the Logo Advisory Committee. The committee selected Resurrection alumna Maria Gedroc Malo ’85 to design the updated logo following a Request for Proposals that was sent out in October 2013.  Ms. Gedroc is an adjunct art professor at Concordia University, a freelance graphic designer and a fine artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Art Administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


The updated logo incorporates key elements that include the heritage, symbolism, motto and values of Resurrection College Prep High School.  The updated logo includes the Resurrection Banner with the Cross, which is the oldest symbol used by the school and is also a major symbol used by the Sisters of the Resurrection, the school’s sponsor.  The banner symbolizes Christ’s conquest over darkness as death and our call through education and reflection to conquer darkness and bring new light into our world – the light of Christ’s love and truth.  The updated logo also continues to incorporate the color red, which has  been the traditional color for Resurrection, standing for conquest and fire of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom, Love and Truth. 

The Resurrection College Prep High School motto “Charity and Truth” also is included in the updated logo with the traditional Latin, “Caritate et Veritate.”  The motto has and continues to be core to the values and philosophy of Resurrection College Prep and is part of the Resurrection pedagogy of education.  The motto has been etched into all logos and documents of the school from the very beginning of the school’s founding in 1922.  The decision to return to the Latin version of the motto was recommended by the Logo Advisory Committee, particularly by current Resurrection students and younger alumnae who wanted to acknowledge the tradition and academic excellence of Resurrection College Prep High School.


The Logo Advisory Committee members included Sr. Stephanie Blaszczynski ’55, alumna, Resurrection board member, former Resurrection faculty member and former Resurrection President; Maddie Dineen ’14, current student; Lindsay Fuhs ’05, alumna and graphic designer; Kathleen Heneghan ’86, alumna and Resurrection Communications Coordinator; Marya Kanakis ’14, current student; Mike Longo, Resurrection Religious Studies and Chamber Ensemble Teacher; Carol Marchetti, Resurrection Special Events Coordinator; Alisa Martorano ’87, alumna and Resurrection Development Director; Jill Adams McDonough ’80, alumna and marketing and communications professional; Jen Salerno, Resurrection Fine Arts Department Chair; Sr. Mary Barbara Sniegowski ’65, alumna and former Resurrection board member; and Nancy Stachnik ’67, alumna, marketing professional and former Resurrection board member.


Four variations of the updated logo have been approved for a variety of uses – two vertical and two horizontal versions of the logo to accommodate its many uses. The updated Resurrection College Prep High School logo will be blessed at the all-school Easter Liturgy on Friday, May 2, 2014. 


Our logo serves as a window to the world of who we are, what we are committed to, and what we promise.  Internally our logo is a focal point to inspire, connect, and rally all of us to our shared values, mission and promises.  To insure a consistent image, a Resurrection College Prep High School Graphic Standards will be developed and disseminated under the direction of Communications Coordinator Kathleen Heneghan. Please contact her at for assistance in selecting the appropriate and most effective version of the logo for your specific use.


Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, C.R.






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