Cash Raffle - Mandatory Fundraiser

In an effort to keep our tuition as low as possible, Resurrection College Prep High School offers families a Mandatory Fundraiser in the form of a Cash Raffle. Res families have the opportunity to sell $200 worth of raffle tickets or else be billed for $200 on their spring tuition. Details of the Cash Raffle are as follows:


School families have from late August until February 14, 2013 to sell their raffle tickets. Beginning in September, Resurrection will pull one raffle ticket a month and the lucky winner will win $1000!  Student ticket sellers will also be in a monthly drawing to win $100.  Drawings will take place from September through February at various Resurrection College Prep High School events.  Winners will be notified by phone.  Winning tickets will be returned to the drawing for several chances to win.


Tickets sell for $10 each.  If you are interested in taking a chance at winning $1000 a month, please contact any current Res student and buy your tickets today! If you do not personally know a Res student you can offer your support of this fundraiser by contacting Carol Marchetti at to purchase your tickets and participate in our Cash Raffle!


Congratulations to our Winners!


September 18th drawing -

$1000 winner - Elizabeth Torres

$100 student winner - Madalana Ohanessian

October 2nd drawing -

$1000 winner - Richard  Rudel

$100 student winner - Jazzlyn Fleming

November 1st drawing -

$1000 winner - Sharene Bloss

$100 student winner - Christie Cusson

December 2nd drawing -

$1000 winner - Lucyna Miechowicki

$100 student winner - Haley Beierwaltes

January 15th drawing -

$1000 winner - Janina Serowski

$100 student winner - Justina Zyszczynski

February 16th drawing -

$1000 winner - Tom Dezort

$100 student winner - Vanessa Pedroza


$1000 Parent Winner - Pergam Family