Absence Policy & Procedures


Resurrection College Prep High School requires students to be in attendance for all classes each school day. An absence for any reason will impact the student’s academic success.


  • The school does recognize that the student might need to be absent from school due to illness or other reason the parent/guardian considers necessary.
  • Parents/guardians and students requesting school assistance for a medical condition that requires home recovery must provide medical documentation to the Dean’s Office before or on the day of the student’s return to school.


For each semester, a student will be allowed six (6) absences from each class. If a student exceeds four absences in a class:


  • Upon the 5th absence from a class, a letter will be sent to notify the parent/guardian of the student's dates of absence.
  • Upon the 6th absence from class, a meeting with the student, parent, dean of students, teachers, and counselor will be held.
  • Upon the 7th absence from class, a loss of semester credit may occur.


Exemptions from the absence policy are:


  • Resurrection College Prep High School-related activities, such as field trips or academic and athletic competitions
  • Absence due to death in the family
  • Prolonged illness with medical documentation*


*Please note: Following an extended illness, doctor’s notes and other documentation must be submitted to the Dean of Students upon the student’s return.


Additional attendance procedures are as follows:

1. On a day of absence, students who are absent may not attend any extra-curricular activities. Examples of this include dances, social events, performances, rehearsals, athletic practices or competitions, club or other school organization activities. In cases of extenuating circumstances, permission from the Dean of Students or Athletic Director could be given for the student’s attendance at an extra-curricular activity.


2. Unexcused absences include missing a class or classes without parental verification of the absence, calling oneself in absent, or failing to report to class and leaving school without permission from the Attendance Office. Unexcused absences will result in the student losing academic credit for the classes missed. Credit will not be given for any academic work collected on those days, including tests and quizzes.


3. Attendance at semester exams is required. Exams will not be rescheduled for any reason other than illness. Students who miss exams due to illness will be required to make the exam up on the date the school assigns.


To Report An Absence

The student's parent/guardian is required to call the attendance office before 9am on the day of the student's absence at 773.775.6616 Ext 118. If a parent/guardian is unable to report the student's absence, the individuals authorized by the parent/guardian on the Emergency Form may verify the absence.


  • If a student's illness will require numerous days of absence, her counselor can be contacted to arrange for assignment pick-up and other supportive measures.
  • When a student returns to school, she needs to report before 8:15am to her counselor or the Dean's Office to obtain an admit slip for classes.



Students are expected to be on time for all classes and school events. A student with three tardies to any class will incur an absence. In other words, three tardies = one absence.


Early Dismissal / Late Arrival Procedures

Students who need to leave school early for a doctor’s appointment or arrive late following a doctor’s appointment can obtain permission to do so from the Attendance Office. Students are expected to present doctor’s notes verifying the appointment when the student returns to class.


To obtain an early dismissal:

  • Before the appointment, the student’s parent/guardian calls the Attendance Office. On the day of the appointment, before school the student presents a note from her parents requesting the early dismissal.
  • A doctor’s appointment card may be presented at this time. The student will then receive an early dismissal slip. Before leaving school for the appointment, the student turns the early dismissal slip into the Main Office.
  • When the student returns to school, she is expected to report to the Attendance Office to turn in verification of the appointment from the doctor's office.


To obtain a late arrival:

  • Before the day of late arrival, the student’s parent/guardian calls the Attendance Office.
  • When the student arrives at school, she is expected to immediately report to the Attendance Office with a note from her parent/guardian that verifies the reason for late arrival and verification of the appointment from the doctor's office.


To leave school due to illness during the school day:

  • The student obtains a pass to the Attendance Office from her teacher.
  • The Attendance Office contacts the student's parents or emergency contact to obtain permission for the student to leave or to arrange for a student to be picked up.
  • The Attendance Office will assist the student in getting her belongings from her locker, if necessary.
  • When the student returns to school, she will report to her counselor or the Dean’s Office to get an admit.


The Attendance Office will record an absence for every period during which the student misses more than 15 minutes. Students who leave school without following the procedures above will receive an unexcused absence and be unable to receive credit on any academic work missed.