Alumnae Spotlight





The Alumnae Hall of Fame Award

This award honors an alumna who lives the philosophy of Resurrection in her life. This individual exemplifies the venerated tradition of the Sisters of the Resurrection, which requires:

  • A strong Christian character
  • A strong and gracious personality
  • A well-disciplined intellect
  • An appreciation of beauty and harmony in nature and art
  • A love of truth, goodness and justice.


This individual is active in parish and spiritual life in her community and demonstrates excellence in her chosen field.

1997 Sr. Stephanie Blaszczynski, C.R. '55

1998 Leanne Wiedemann '72

1999 Sr. M. Jerome Rompala, C.R. '37

2000 Bonita Grabarczyk Brown, '64

2001 Therese Fenney '52

2002 Mary Stretch Root '26

2003 Nancy Slack Stachnik '67

2005 Dr. Chris Wasielewski Kelly '59

2006 Carol Needham '75

2007 Catherine Harper '70


The Renaissance Award


The Renaissance Award is the highest honor awarded by Resurrection High School. "Renaissance" is defined as a re-birth and renewal of life. Resurrection High School was founded on the spirit of Renaissance and specifically on the "renewal of society."


In selecting our Renaissance Award recipient we look to individuals who exemplify the Renaissance spirit. They embrace new ideas, independent thought, and classical values whatever their fields of endeavor.


In their personal or professional life, these individuals remain open, curious and creative with a determined passion for learning and excellence. In keeping with the mission of the Sisters of the Resurrection, these individuals are guided by the "transformation of society" with an emphasis on the "uplifting of women in that society."


Renaissance Award Recipients:



Sr. Mary Barbara Sniegowski, C.R. '65

Dr. Fran Norlock '83

Marie Matys Rakoczy '71

Edith Bukowski Kooyumjian '40



The Sisters of the Resurrection



Peggy Kusinski '81



Sharon Szypulski O'Keefe '70



Mary O'Connor '77



Sr. Stephanie Blaszczynski



Dr. Leanne Wiedemann



Jennifer Kohnke


The Charity and Truth Award


The Charity and Truth Award recognizes individuals who have shown remarkable commitment to Resurrection College Prep High School through their generosity of time, talent, and treasure. These individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty to consistently support the ideals of our mission - the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, physical, and social growth of students.


Charity and Truth Award Recipients



Marie Cleary-Fishman '79



Mr. and Mrs. John Olender



Nancy Slack Stachnik '67



Fr. Daniel McCarthy



Dr. Christine Kelly



Fr. Britto Berchmans



Kathy Rzany


The Blessed Celine Award


The Blessed Celine Award is in honor of the foundress of the Sisters of the Resurrection, Celine Borzecka, who was beatified in Rome in 2007. Blessed Celine lived a life of service and dedication as a wife, mother, and widow. In 1891, she and her daughter formed the Sisters of the Resurrection.


The Blessed Celine Award recognizes Resurrection Alumnae who exemplify the life values of Blessed Celine as a positive Christian role model for young women. The recipients are accomplished in their fields of endeavor and like Blessed Celine, work toward the advancement of women in society. They are involved in service to others and contribute to the ongoing success of Catholic education and Resurrection College Prep High School.


Blessed Celine Award Recipients:


Caroline Hopkinson '07

Vanessa Torres '03

Tricia Moll '86

Bruna Borrini Morrison '83

Bianca Borrini Henniges '74

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Barbara Nakanishi '72

Kathleen Walsh Hopkinson '83

Gina Lavorata O'Hehir '86

Ramina Oraha '03

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Dr. Maureen Mascha '73

Alane Repa '69

Sr. Carolyn Sniegowski, C.R. '62

Tina Larson '06

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Valya Dudycz Lupescu '92

Cristina Bomben Allegrini '85

Jennifer Bleicher Matthiessen '03

Anne Brown Bleicher '75 (posthumous)



Sarah Bolger '00

Dr. Jo Apel Wolthusen '87

Maria Gedroc Malo '85

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Anna Czupryna '99

Colleen Borghi Warner '83

Jennifer Kohnke '73

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Annette Kukla Goode ’64

 Dr. Carrie Hall Jaworski ’88

 Sandy Jarosz Kozlowski ’97

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Elaine Zold Koepke ’41

Leocadia Motyl Nix ’42

Karen Stahmer Bartuch ’94

Read more about our 2011 Blessed Celine Award recipients


Therese Fenney '52

Loretta Tragasz Madaj '52

Mary Matheis Fahey '66

Sr. Donna Marie Wolowicki, C.R. '66

Athletic Hall of Fame Award


The Athletic Hall of Fame Award recognizes individuals from the Res Athletic community who have participated in sports or contributed to the Resurrection College Prep Athletic Program. Athletes inducted into the Hall of Fame have met at least four of the following criteria:

  • Coach and Mentor
  • Demonstrated Athletic Leadership
  • Four-year Athlete
  • GCAC All Conference Player
  • Multi-sport Athlete
  • MVP, MIP Coaches Award Recipient
  • Professional or Semi-Professional Athlete
  • Varsity Player at Res
  • A friend of the school who has made significant contributions to the Res Athletic Program.


Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


Coach Fred Angelini

Maggie Cunningham Aldworth '97

Hana Somogyi Steil '09

Sara Somogyi Spencer '05

Tara Babich Lange '96

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Carolynn Connors Lindberg '77

Katie McGrath Guinane '97

Kelly Monaco '06

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Brooke Dahm '10

Andrea Mendyk '98

Resurrection Gymnastics Teams of:






Read more about our 2016 Athletic Hall of Fame Award Recipients



Deanna Ortiz '08

Elyse Glab '07

Lynn Curylo '93

Mary Welk Esquivel '00

Peggy Spachner Nogafka '83



Dr. Amy Anderson Henning '97

Jacqueline Geraci Barbanente '95

Kiki Calumet '91

Sheila O'Connor '89

Coach Dawn Konow

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Kristi Cirone '05

Melissa Collins Murphey '95

Kerri Przybylski '89

Maureen Lennon Zeeb '82

Coach Susan Fosco

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Carol Moran Gresens ’67

Diane Bryniarski ’75

Lisa Gilfoy ’86

Angie Jablonski ’88

Sheryl Kurowski ’90

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Mary Burke Fauth ’83

Lisa Iaccino Albanese ’83

Tammy Hener Holzer ’86

Danine Juszynski ’86

Marie Domin (Coach 1969-1980)

Read more about our 2011 Athletic Hall of Fame Award recipients



Mary Murphy '76

Mary Loescher Nolan '84

Susanne Fogarty Muszalski '88

Wendy Fahlstrom Hall '89

Jeanette Pancratz


Resurrection College Prep High School Alumnae and Coaches have also been recognized by the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference and inducted into the GCAC Hall of Fame.  Check out the GCAC Hall of Fame Facebook Page