Class of 2020 Information


Freshmen Orientation – August 18th and 19th

  • Freshmen should wear their uniform skirt/slacks and uniform top.
  • Lunch will be provided on both days.
    • Freshmen should NOT bring their textbooks and notebooks with them on August 18th

because they will not be assigned a locker until late in the day.


AUGUST 18th Orientation – 7:45 am to 3:00 am

Freshmen will report to the Resurrection Theater at 7:45 am

Activities scheduled throughout the day will include having the ID picture taken, touring the building, receiving a Seminar classroom assignment, running through the Red Day schedule to meet teachers and classmates, being assigned a locker and Chromebook training.

Freshmen & Transfer Family BBQ
August 18th 5:30 pm – Come and meet the families of your daughter’s classmates. RSVP HERE


AUGUST 19th Orientation – 8:00 am to 3:00 am

Freshmen will report to their Seminar classroom by 8:00 am

Activities scheduled throughout the day will include running through the White Day schedule, bus evacuation drill, practicing opening lockers, time to set up the locker and more Chromebook training.

Freshmen Mixer - August 19th at 7 pm

All freshmen from Resurrection and Notre Dame are invited to join us.  Admission is free.  

All students enter through Door #8 and must arrive no later than 7:30 pm.

Casual. School appropriate attire. No bare midriff. Shoes are required at all times.


All students must have their ID.

Parent AcademyAugust 22nd 7:00 pm in the Theater – Parents will meet members of the

                        Administration and their daughter’s counselor and receive their passwords and directions

                        for using Parent Connect and Schoology for monitoring their daughter’s progress and



Medical Information

  • A Physical Examination/Immunization Record Form is required. Please fill in dates of all of your daughter’s immunizations – giving the day, month and year of each immunization. Your physician’s signature on the immunization section indicates your daughter’s immunizations are up to date.
  • Please fill out the Health History section and sign and date it. Your physician will fill out the rest of the exam portion of the form and indicate if your daughter is able to participate in Physical Education and Interscholastic Sports. Please be sure your physician signs and dates the form.
  • If your daughter will be carrying an inhaler, epi pen or medication, please download the three Self Medication Forms. The completed forms should be returned with your daughter’s Physical Examination/Immunization Form.
  • If your daughter had a physical late last year and your insurance plan will not cover the cost of a new physical within a year’s time, please send us the following:
    • a copy of her 2015 physical and an up-to-date immunization record; and 
    • the date of a scheduled appointment with your physician for your daughter’s 2016 physical, as early this fall as insurance will permit.
  • Your daughter’s Physical Examination/Immunization Record and Self Medication Forms, if necessary, must be sent to the Resurrection College Prep Records Office by Wednesday,  July 27th. By state law, a student may not participate in Physical Education classes, Dance classes, sports, or extracurricular activities if she does not have a completed physical/immunization record on file in the high school.

Having the 2015 physical, immunization record and note with the date of the 2016 physical on file in the Records Office will allow your daughter to attend class and participate in sports and extra-curricular activities.


Summer reading

  • Click here for the required summer reading assignment for your daughter’s English class. The English Department 2016 Summer Reading Selection tab will provide information about the summer reading program and identify the required reading selection for your daughter based on the 5-digit course number of her English course. This number can be found on her schedule. Please download the Summer Reading Packet from our website so your daughter can complete it as she reads the selection.
  • Our “Res Reads” We Should All Be Feminists is an optional summer reading experience for our students. Click here for details.

Emergency Forms

  • Completed Emergency forms are due in the Records Office by Friday, July 8th.


Fall sports tryouts

  • Click here for the complete schedule of tryout dates and information concerning tryouts.
  • Freshmen must have their Illinois Board of Health 2016 Physical Exam/Immunization Report on file in the Records Office in order to tryout.
  • IHSA Pre-Participation Exam
  • Online registration is required before Athletic tryouts and must be completed by a parent (accounts created using student e-mail addresses will not be valid) for each sport prior to participation. 


School supplies

  • All Freshmen will need a Texas Instrument model TI 84 graphing calculator. They will use it in their Algebra class as well as all subsequent math classes.
  • When your daughter meets her teachers at Freshmen Orientation on August 18th and 19th, they will let her know of any special materials needed for their classes. Students are free to purchase notebooks, markers, etc. of their choice. Student planners with the school calendar and space for writing homework assignments will be available for purchase in our Bandit store.



  • Your daughter’s school uniform will be ready from Schoolbelles upon receipt of payment. 
  • Please order gym wear from Schoolbelles if your daughter will be taking Physical Education.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ulczak at or Mrs. Beimer at


2016-17 Forms

Summer Reading Information

Book Lists 2016-17

Athletic Tryout Information