International Thespian Society

Moderator - Ms. Mary Katherine Bohlander


Active members of the Drama Club are eligible to be inducted as members of the International Thespian Society.


  • Drama Club members earn points by working as performers and technicians on productions both in school and in the community.
  • The International Thespian Society point system is the standard for awarding and tracking eligibility points.  The troupe director may modify the point system as appropriate for the program.
  • The troupe director may use discretion in awarding points according to the student's quality of work and cooperation.  Quality may include the caliber of the work done and the educational value of the experience.
  • Students who have met the minimum requirements set forth in the troupe's approved Thespian Point System will be inducted upon payment of the induction dues.  Students must earn 10 points (equivalent to 100 hours of work) as both a performer and technician.  The work may be accomplished in two main stage productions; four one-act or festival productions; or a combination of variety of main stage with other performances and productions.  Of the 10 points needed for induction, only 5 points may have been earned on productions in the community.
  • Students continue to earn points after being inducted.
  • The Thespian troupe director makes the final decision regarding the awarding of Thespian points.
  • New inductees become members of the school's Thespian Troupe for life.
  • Thespians that have remained active in our school or at another school through senior year are eligible for the Thespian cord and tassel.
  • Under no circumstances are students elected to become members of the International Thespian Society.  Student peers may not take an active role in determining the induction eligiblity of their fellow students.
  • The International Thespian Society forbids hazing of prospective, new or current members.