Kairos Retreats

Seniors have the privilege of attending the Kairos retreat. Kairos (pronounced Ki-rohz) is a Greek word for “time.” Unlike chronos which refers to chronological time, hours, days, etc. Kairos refers to a defining or opportune moment. Resurrection Kairos retreats are held at Lindenwood Retreat Center in Donaldson, Indiana. Students depart on Thursday morning and return Saturday afternoon to school for a closing prayer ceremony. Chaperoned by the Campus Ministry Team and staff members, a trained student leadership team runs the retreat.

While on the retreat, students hear talks given by the leadership team, have time to discuss their experiences in small groups, respond to questions in their prayer journals, have a chance for sacramental confession and celebrate the Eucharist together. Each day begins and ends with prayer. The retreat format strives to meet students where they are by first asking them to reflect on their experiences and their current relationship with God. Students then hear stories of faith from their peers that help them to see how others experience God. There are personal prayer opportunities and activities that help them examine more deeply the need for God in their lives. Students are encouraged to pray about how they can best respond to God’s unique call for them and how their lives can be shaped to live that call more fully.


The Kairos retreat places special emphasis on the love that has been poured out on each student, and how that love can be put into action as service to others. Kairos is focused on building deep and lasting relationships, both with their classmates as well as with God.

Kairos is not mandatory but a majority of our seniors choose this retreat experience as a capstone of their time at Resurrection. Alumnae frequently cite Kairos as one of their favorite memories of their time at Res.

Campus Ministry Staff

Chelsea Piper, Campus Minister

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Fr. Dan McCarthy, Chaplain

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