Little Theatre Alumnae Scholarship

Are you a Resurrection Little Theatre Alumna?

Whether cast or crew, chorus or orchestra, front of the house or behind the scenes, your time spent working on theatrical productions at Resurrection are experiences that helped shape your high school years and, to a certain extent, who you are today.


As a member of the Little Theatre Alumnae community, you know the long hours that go into devoting yourself to the theatre arts at Res. After a long day of school, perhaps you then had several hours of rehearsal… several hours of scenery, lighting, costuming… and several hours of homework when you finally made it home at night. As you know, there was little time for an afterschool job… you were lucky to sleep before having to report for the morning bell!


Unfortunately, more and more girls are being asked to give up their extra-curricular activities because of financial hardships at home, and instead of pursuing their passions in the Little Theatre, they are turning to part-time jobs in their free time.


The Little Theatre Alumnae Scholarship Fund has been established by Resurrection Theatre Alumnae for Resurrection Theatre Students. The scholarship support that is awarded to juniors and seniors in good academic standing and who have exhibited a commitment to the theatre arts at Resurrection, will go a long way towards ensuring that dreams of stage, sound and light live on.


Please consider a gift to this new scholarship fund, so that as many girls as possible can one day know what it means to be a Theatre Alumna, just like you. Gifts can be made online or by mailing your donation to:


Resurrection College Prep High School

Little Theatre Alumnae Scholarship

7500 West Talcott Avenue Chicago, IL 60631


Little Theatre Alumnae Scholarship Application