Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)

Moderators - Ms. Julie Lomer


Mu Alpha Theta


Mu Alpha Theta (ΜΑΘ) is a national high school and junior/community college mathematics club for honors students that is co-sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Mathematical Association of America.  The name Mu Alpha Theta was constructed from the Greek lettering for the phonemes m, a, and th.  As of June 2017, more than 110,000 students are Mu Alpha Theta Members at more than 2,400 schools in the United States and in 20 foreign countries.


The mission of Mu Alpha Theta is to provide a method for schools to recognize and encourage those students who enjoy and excel in mathematics.


Any high school students in grades 9 through 12, who have completed the equivalent of two years of college preparatory mathematics, including algebra and geometry, and in addition have completed or are enrolled in a still more advanced course, are eligible for membership providing their mathematical work was done with distinction.

Resurrection Mu Alpha Theta requirements

In order for a student to be considered for membership into Mu Alpha Theta the following requirements are needed:

  • The student must have completed the equivalent of two years of mathematics courses and are currently enrolled in an advanced mathematics course.
  • Student must have a least a B cumulative average in her math class
  • Student must have at least a B cumulative average overall
  • Student must have been an active member in the math club for at least two years
  • Student must have completed a project in one math course



Students inducted into the Resurrection College Prep High School's Cervantes Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta receive a certificate of recognition from ΜΑΘ and their names are registered with the national chapter.  They will also receive ΜΑΘ graduation honor cords in May (purchased by student).