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Operation PROM for Juniors and Seniors

Operation Prom
Thursday, April 20, 2017
for junior & senior students 
With prom season nearing, Resurrection will sponsor Operation Prom on Thursday, April 20, 2017, for our juniors and seniors. Operation Prom is hosted every two years at Resurrection to educate students about making responsible driving decisions, and all juniors and seniors have seen this presentation since 1999. This program was founded by Resurrection alumna Anne Brown Bleicher '75 and is continued by her daughters.  

Operation Prom provides a realistic look at the after-effects of a drunk-driving crash on prom night. The program begins with our juniors and seniors viewing a simulation of an accident, with emergency responders and crash victims (actors and actresses) dead on the scene. Following the accident simulation, first responders and medical professionals will meet juniors and seniors in the Little Theatre where presentations will focus on the need for all students to make safe choices on prom night.

Thursday, April 20 will be a shortened school day for our juniors and seniors. Seniors and juniors begin the school day at 8:20 am and will be dismissed at 10:45 am.  April 20 is a testing day for freshmen and sophomores; their testing will begin at 8:15 and they will be dismissed at 2:15 pmBecause the parking lot will become the program's accident site, our parking lot will close at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 19 and will reopen the afternoon of Thursday, April 20 after the remnants of the crash scene have been cleared.  Students may be dropped off at the student entrance on Thursday morning if the parking lot is accessible.  If it not, students should be dropped off outside the parking lot gate. The City of Chicago has extended courtesy parking in the neighborhood for that day for students and staff.