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2018-19 Student Handbook


Safety Reminders Safety is our highest concern and we remind students, parents and staff to immediately report any suspicious person or persons either on-campus or off, including incidents before or after school. In the case of any emergency or suspicious activity, take the following steps:

Step 1 - Dial 911
Step 2 - Report incidents immediately to the Main Office.

Please also refer to the Safety & Security on page 31 of the 2018-19 Student Handbook    for additional information about safety on campus.

We also remind students to utilize safe practices when traveling, including the following:
- Be alert and travel in well lit and well populated areas
- Whenever possible, travel in pairs or groups
- Be aware of surroundings and report suspicious activity
- Keep phone and other distractions out of sight

Personal Safety Tips 


Athletic Department Handbook

2018-19 Athletic Department Handbook





Authorized User Policy for computer and Internet use

Authorized User Policy




Late Work Policy

Late Work Policy




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