8th Grade Shadow Days

If your daughter is considering enrollment for the class of 2023, please contact Kat Angelini at kangelini@reshs.org or 773.467.4640

7th Grade Shadow Days


We do not offer individual shadow days during 7th grade, but please save the date and come to our 7th grade Experience Res Day on April 12.




7th Grade Experience Res Day

Friday, April 12, 2019


As visitors, 7th graders will have the opportunity to rotate through all academic areas (plus lunch!) to get a taste of life at Resurrection.  Resurrection students will be out of school to let 7th Graders come explore classes together.  Because Resurrection follows a block schedule - with classes meeting for 80 minutes every other day - the 7th grade "Experience Res" Day provides an overview of all academic areas in shorter courses


Time:  8 am - 3 pm

Dress:  Casual

(please no open back shoes, pajama pants, yoga pants or leggings)


Lunch:  Will be provided!


Current Resurrection students help with the day but 7th graders are not paired with a guide.  In 8th grade students have the opportunity to shadow a current Resurrection student to spend a day experiencing our A/B modified block schedule with longer (80 minute) classes on a typical school day. 


Come and see all that Res has to offer!  


For more information on shadowing at Resurrection, please contact Kat Angelini at kangelini@reshs.org or 773-467-4640. 




Questions Regarding Shadow Days -
Kat Angelini at kangelini@reshs.org or 773.467.4640

8th Grade Shadow Day Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?
Dress casually as long as it is appropriate for school. Please do not wear sweat pants or yoga pants.  Gym shoes or similar footwear is appropriate for  the variety of classes you may be attending.

What time do I arrive?
Our school day begins at 8:20 AM, so we ask you to arrive at the Main Office at 8 AM.  From there you will be directed  to the Shadow Day registration.

What time is school over?
3:00 PM.  You can get picked up in the parking lot in front of school, but keep in mind this area becomes pretty busy by pick up time.  Consider arranging a pick up from our main parking lot on the side of school (by the gym).  Please take note that Wednesdays are modified and classes end at 2 pm.

Do I need to bring money for anything?
No, a lunch voucher will be given to you.

When can I Shadow?
We allow students to Shadow from September through January.  If you will be missing school, please notify them that you will be attending a Shadow Day at Resurrection College Prep High School.

If you are arriving with a current Resurrection student, please make sure that you stop at the front office to be directed to check-in and receive your Shadow Packet (including lunch voucher)!