Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

Moderator: Ms. Leslie Coakley

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).


The SHH was formally organized as the Spanish National Honor Society in 1953.  The name was changed to Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica in 1959.  At present there are more than 2,000 national and international chapters of the SHH. 


The mission of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies. 


All accredited secondary schools are eligible to charter a chapter.


Chapter sponsors must be active members of the AATSP.


Any secondary school student who has maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish or Portuguese for a minimum of three semesters and is in the 10th grade or higher is eligible to be a member of the SHH.  The definition of "honor grade" is left to the discretion of each chapter.  It should be remembered that the SHH is an honor society for those students of high academic achievement.



Resurrection Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica requirements:


93% (A-) or higher for both semesters of Honors Spanish 1

93% (A-) or higher for both semesters of Honors Spanish 2

93% (A-) or higher for 1st semester of Honors. Spanish 3



1.  Students are inducted in their 3rd or 4th year of Honors/AP Spanish

2.  If a Regular Spanish 1 student is moved up to Honors Spanish 2 the following year and maintains 93% or higher in subsequent years of Honors Spanish, she will be inducted.

3.  It is expected that students maintain a 93% average or higher for five semesters of Honors Spanish.  However, a student will be considered if one of these semesters was a 91% or 92% (B+).

4.  A high-achieving AP Spanish student can be inducted based on improvement and dedication.

5.  Students inducted into the Resurrection College Prep High School's Cervantes Chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica receive a certificate of recognition from the AATSP and their names are registered with the national chapter.  The highest-achieving senior(s) will be awarded the AATSP's distinguished "Medal of Excellence" in May.