Bullying and Harassment Reporting


Bullying, intimidation, and harassment diminish a student’s ability to learn and the school’s ability to educate. Resurrection College Prep is committed to fostering a learning environment in which all students feel respected and safe. Harassment or bullying of any community members is considered a serious violation of Resurrection College Prep’s behavior code.

The information submitted through this report is confidential. The information will be used to help the Resurrection College Prep staff in addressing bullying and harassing behavior. All reports will be investigated and appropriate action taken.


Submitting false reports or falsely accusing a Resurrection College Prep student is also considered a serious violation of Resurrection College Prep's behavior code.


It is helpful for the individual submitting this report to be honest. The best way for all members of our community to feel safe and supported is through students completing this report in a forthcoming manner and answering every question thoroughly.


Complete the Bullying/Harassment Report Online