Advantages of Block Scheduling


Resurrection College Prep High School prepares students for college, with a block schedule that is much like a college class schedule.  Resurrection uses a modified A/B block schedule, in which most classes are over 80 minutes long and classes meet on alternating days. The block schedule allows for longer, more focused instruction and more in-depth learning time, reduces transition time between classes and opens the schedule for students to take advantage of additional learning opportunities.  Increased class time allows for more rigorous and relevant instruction and a deeper relationship between the teacher and the student.


In addition to longer, more in-depth instructional time, the schedule allows students to participate in off campus learning opportunities.  Resurrection has a strong Practicum Program in which juniors and seniors have the option to explore future career choices in a professional setting with mentors in fields such as health care, law, banking, child care, architecture, education, dentistry and veterinary medicine.   The block schedule allows students to participate in the Practicum Program and still participate in after-school activities, work and other responsibilities they may have.


Resurrection students take seven or eight classes for the entire school year and classes rotate every other day.  Within each class period, teachers incorporate different activities to address various learning styles. And because we know that female students learn best in an environment that provides opportunities for collaboration, problem-solving, presentation, discussion and self-reflection, the schedule provides teachers with the ability to have time to incorporate these strategies in to their classes.  The rhythm of the day is less stressful and students and teachers have time to more fully explore each subject. The schedule also teaches students time management and organizational skills that will serve them well when they enter college.


Exampe of a typical schedule:



Resurrection's daily schedule is a modified A/B block of classes that meet on alternate days for an extended period of time.  The block schedule provides time for in-depth course work, a variety of instructional strategies that address individual learning styles, and the development of strong student-teacher relationships. 


That means that classes meet every other day for 85 minutes, except the last class of the day meets for 60 minutes every day.  Free time for students to take care of "student business" is built into the schedule during a 35 minute time called "seminar."