Who We Are


Resurrection College Prep High School is the largest Catholic college preparatory high school for young women on the northwest side of Chicago.  Established by the Sisters of the Resurrection in 1922, Resurrection has a long history of encouraging young women to discover their true potential and prepare them for success in college, career, and life.   With an enrollment of approximately 550 students, Resurrection serves a diverse student population from across the city and suburbs, representing over 100 private and public grammar schools.   



Resurrection College Prep High School is sponsored by the Sisters of the Resurrection, an order founded in Rome by Blessed Celine Borzecka and her daughter Mother Hedwig. Resurrection College Prep High School was established by the Sisters in 1922 and is built on the Sisters’ mission of transforming society by uplifting women through education and preparing them for leadership.  Resurrection is totally focused on young women and their needs. The faculty and staff are fully committed to developing young women of faith to be confident, articulate, dynamic, inspiring and service oriented leaders who will help build stronger families, communities, parishes and places of work for tomorrow.


Our Mission Statement

Resurrection College Prep High School is a Catholic Christian community dedicated to the education of young women, and to the development of their God–given talents. Convinced of God’s unconditional love and nourished by the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, we are committed to the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, physical and social growth of our students.


Resurrection College Prep Motto and Logo

The motto has and continues to be core to the values and philosophy of Resurrection College Prep and is part of the Resurrection approach to education.  The motto has been etched into all logos and documents of the school from the very beginning of the school's founding in 1922. 


By expressing and celebrating the words "Charity and Truth," we acknowledge that God's love for us is merciful and unfailing.  The truth is that God's love for us is unconditional and from that love we express God's love and charity through our own actions.  As the Resurrection community, we believe that God calls us to work together for the resurrection of society, bringing his life and love to all and we represent the Resurrection in this banner. 



Vision Statement

The young women of Resurrection College Prep High School are prepared for the future.  They are given opportunities, support, and resources to continue to:



  • Their identity as strong, capable women 
  • Their voice and their calling
  • Their passion and their potential
  • Their gifts and their strengths


  • In attaining personal professional goals
  • In promoting a hopeful future
  • In celebrating differences among us


  • In Catholic Christian studies
  • In academic pursuits
  • In athletics and the arts
  • In health lifestyles


  • One another in Charity and Truth
  • The needs of the larger community
  • As women of faith


Value Proposition

Resurrection staff and faculty believe in empowering young women to make a difference in our world. The Resurrection Value Proposition incorporates the five pillars of the Resurrection Mission Statement (intellectual, spiritual, ethical, physical, and social growth of our students) and the Resurrection Vision Statement.  

Intellectual Rigor - Challenging Academics in a Supportive Environment

Since 1922 Resurrection has been educating young women and preparing them for success in college, career, and life. Resurrection understands how girls learn best.  Whatever their academic abilities or needs, Resurrection’s different levels of learning ensure that all students are academically challenged and supported.  Students are taught to be critical thinkers, intellectual risk takers and problem solvers in a rapidly-changing world. Resurrection offers students in-depth learning opportunities through block schedules, Advanced Placement courses, travel, clubs, and honor societies and students are encouraged to explore future careers through the Practicum Job Shadowing Program. 

Spiritual Growth – Caritate et Veritate
Resurrection devotes attention to the spiritual development of its students, as a close relationship with God leads to a deeper sense of self and gives them the building blocks to make a difference in their families, workplaces, communities and world.  Resurrection students are taught to embody the school motto Caritate et Veritate (Charity and Truth). 

Ethical Development – Making a Positive Difference as a Global Citizen

As today’s young people become adults, they will face great challenges. Resurrection provides young women with the moral compass to guide them to thoughtful and just solutions and to be responsible and compassionate members of the global community.

Physical – Well-being and Well-rounded Development
Resurrection encourages girls to explore new academic interests, participate in athletics, demonstrate leadership, and develop healthy life-long habits.  Resurrection creates opportunities for students to stretch beyond their comfort zone and ensures that students have access to a variety of sports, clubs, fine arts and other activities.  With 12 competitive sports,  over 30 clubs and 11 honor societies, there is something for every girl.

Social Growth – Leadership, Friendship & Mentorship
Through classroom experiences, extracurricular activities and mentoring programs, Resurrection students are encouraged to develop personal interests, leadership opportunities and life-long friendships.  Our alumnae base provides students with examples of and access to strong, accomplished role models. Alumnae nurture and share through mentorship in the Practicum Job Shadowing Program, during Alumnae Career Days and as speakers and visitors to classes and clubs. 



Founded and sponsored by the Sisters of the Resurrection, Resurrection College Prep High School is an all-girls Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Chicago. The school is a member of the National Catholic Education Association, and Resurrection College Prep has been accredited through the North Central Association since 1927. Today, having met the requirements established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees, Resurrection College Prep continues to be accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvements. Additionally, Resurrection College Prep is fully recognized as maintaining criteria adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education for nonpublic elementary and secondary schools.  Resurrection College Prep is a member of the College Board.  This voluntary educational association provides leadership for the development of policies and practices designed to expand equality of educational opportunity and to facilitate the transition of students from secondary to postsecondary education.


Admission Statement

Resurrection College Prep admits students without regard to their race, color, national or ethnic origin. To gain admission, the students will have completed an elementary school program or a state-approved program of study by demonstrating positive performance and achievement.