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Students with Bandit at 100 Year Kick Off


Since 1922 Resurrection College Prep High School has been focused on developing strong, capable women. As the largest all-girls school on the North Side of Chicago, Resurrection offers a rigorous and challenging education for all students in a supportive environment. Resurrection is large enough to offer a broad curriculum where the needs of all students can be met, from the most challenging Advanced Placement classes to available learning support services.  

Resurrection’s block schedule allows for in-depth learning and the opportunity for students to participate in a wide variety of clubs, service and academic activities, athletics, and fine arts. Students are safe to be themselves, to celebrate their unique traits, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds, and to explore and take risks in an environment that champions the leadership and potential of each girl as she prepares for her future. Rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith and the school’s motto Charity and Truth, each student is encouraged to make a difference in the world through service and leadership. At graduation, Resurrection students are confident, healthy, well-rounded, and college ready.

Mission Statement

Resurrection College Prep High School is a Catholic community in the Lasallian tradition, dedicated to the education of young women and to the development of their God–given talents. Convinced of God’s unconditional love and nourished by the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, we are committed to the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, physical and social growth of our students.

Who We Are

Resurrection College Prep High School is the largest Catholic college preparatory high school for young women on the North Side of Chicago. Resurrection College Prep, founded in 1922 by the Sisters of the Resurrection, is a Catholic Lasallian school sponsored by the Christian Brothers of the Midwest. With an enrollment of approximately 465 students, Resurrection serves a diverse student population from across the city and suburbs, representing over 100 private and public grammar schools. Resurrection has a long history of encouraging young women to discover their true potential and prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

Christian Brothers

When the Sisters of the Resurrection recognized that the dwindling number of Sisters would make it impossible for them to continue operating Resurrection College Prep High School, they conducted an exhaustive search to find a new sponsor. After ongoing discussions, the Christian Brothers of the Midwest stepped forward to welcome Resurrection into their Lasallian network of schools and an announcement was made in May 2019 regarding the sponsorship transition. The transition became complete on August 28, 2020, and we celebrate that Resurrection College Prep High School has become a Lasallian school in the Resurrection tradition, honoring the school’s past, present, and future.

Lasallian Education

The Lasallian Mission provides transformative experiences that are innovative and holistic. Lasallian education enriches the whole person through teaching, technology, and the development of the student’s cultural, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. Lasallian education centers on Catholic values and personal relationships, emphasizing academic excellence, faith formation, inclusion, respect for the individual, service, and social justice. 

Lasallian education is rooted in the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron saint of teachers, who founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers) more than 300 years ago.

De La Salle transformed education by forming a community of educators with whom he developed a spirituality of teaching and learning, to give a human and Christian education to young people, especially the poor. Today, the De La Salle Christian Brothers and Lasallian Partners continue to respond to students through advancements in teaching, technology, and scholarship. In Lasallian communities, educators touch hearts, stimulate minds, and cultivate leadership to prepare students for life, work, and service to society and the Church.

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