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2023-24 Online Bookstore Instructions

2023-24 Online Bookstore Instructions

The RES online bookstore, EdTech, is now live! 

Follow the below steps to purchase your books today. To ensure your books are in by the first day of school, we recommend making your purchases by August 1, 2023.

  1. Log into your school's online bookstore at using your daughter's RES Gmail account.

  2. Select Store in the left-hand sidebar

  3. A Course Access Bundle is made up of platforms that are required purchases and is located toward the top of your screen. This bundle cannot be removed from your cart.

  4. Click on View Course Materials to see which books are included in your Course Access Bundle.

  5. Other books needed for your courses will need to be added to your cart manually. Your courses will appear below the Course Access Bundle.

  6. To add other books to your cart, click the orange Add to Cart button under each book.

  7. Make sure you read any notes that your school has included for courses or books before adding items to your cart.

  8. When your shopping is complete, click the orange Proceed To Cart button.

  9. If you have books in your cart from both EdTech and Amazon, you'll see items in both carts here. Your Course Access Bundle must be paid for before you can access your Amazon cart.

  10. Click the orange Go to Checkout button to purchase your bundle and any other books being fulfilled by EdTech.

  11. To access your Amazon cart, click the orange Checkout with Amazon button.

  12. Click the Continue button to finish checking out.

Download the EdTech brochure on how to use the bookstore

Questions? Contact Mr. Lascon at