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First STREAM cohort dives deep into yearlong research projects

First STREAM cohort dives deep into yearlong research projects

In the fall of 2019, Resurrection welcomed its first cohort into the STREAM Program. These 27 students are now in STREAM III and will be the first students to fully complete and graduate from the STREAM program in May 2023. Since launching, the STREAM program has admitted four additional cohorts; a fifth will be joining in fall of 2023. This school year, over 100 students are enrolled in the program, 30 percent of which are freshmen.

STREAM is a mission-centered approach to teaching Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math. Students who enter the program make connections across each of these disciplines with an emphasis on scientific observation, technological exploration, artfully engineered design with a focus on solving relevant, real world problems, all grounded in a Catholic world-view. The goal of the STREAM program is to be a transformative catalyst for creative problem solving.

The STREAM Program consists of three courses: STREAM I, STREAM II, and STREAM III with AP Seminar.  

STREAM III with AP Seminar is the third and final course in the STREAM Program. This course builds upon the skills and experiences of STREAM I and STREAM II and challenges students to deeply explore a topic, issue, or idea of individual interest. Students design, plan, and implement a yearlong investigation to address a research question. 

Below is a summary of the research projects from our current STREAM III students:


  • Ava Bellwoar - Pollinator Populations - Isolating the main reasons of global pollinator populations decreasing
  • Ellie Blackburn - Homeless Animals - Researching homeless animal’s health
  • Colleen Chiavola - Carbon Monoxide - Testing different carbon monoxide detectors to find and improve the most effective one. The hope is to help prevent future accidental carbon monoxide deaths. 
  • Christine Glascott - Ocean Acidification - Understanding the impact of ocean acidification on the world and spreading more awareness to the public 
  • Stella Pry-Brown - Opioid Use - Find the factors that influence opioid use to further research opioids and their causes/effects
  • Gina DeMarco - Nursing Shortage in the U.S. - Research the nursing shortage, how it can be solved, and why it is a problem. The goal is to bring to light nursing and how many different types of jobs there are to help the shortage.
  • Isabel Medina - Ovarian Teratomas - Researching the impact of ovarian teratomas (cysts) on teenage girls and their families
  • Payton Marcus - People's Fascination with Serial Killers - To inform people about the way their obsession starts, how it affects the people surrounding them, and all the different aspects that come from being surrounded by serial killers 


  • Maggie Defend - Project Doodle Game - Project Doodle is the name of a 2d rpg-style game I am creating, where you play an artist trying to save their hand drawn world from being sucked up by a void through making art. Along the way you find friends and discover secrets about yourself. 
  • Sabrina Shero - Dangers of Screen Time - To inform people on why phone addiction exists and provide various ways we can evade phone addiction and rather focus on ways to uplift ourselves with the reduction of social media use
  • Lileigh Walsh - Introduction to the Prosthesis: Easing the Transition for Children - To find problems within the current prosthesis introduction and problem solve to find solutions; as well as, help children through this difficult time and make it overall more kid friendly


  • Alena Anderson - Athletes' Mental Health - Looking at the psychological well-being of athletes and the effects of coaching and injuries on mental health
  • Emma Kantor - The Importance of Mental Health and Efficient, Available Resources - To bring awareness to mental health and encourage others to take good care of their mental health or feel comfortable enough to ask for help
  • Nora McGovern - The Glorification of Killers - Focusing on examining why people glorify killers and how we can end this glorification, while also looking at how sexism plays a role in this and how the glorification puts women in danger
  • Mackenzie Pack - PTSD and Suicide within Military Personal - Looking at what the VA does for soldiers that suffer from PTSD and to lower the suicide rate within the military
  • Catherine Sabel - Educating People on Puppy Mills to Help Ban Puppy Mills - Educating people on where these animals are from and what they go through to help end puppy mills 
  • Mary Stachula - Flaws in our Adoption and Foster Care Systems - Identify flaws in our child care systems, and then find better solutions for these kids to better our adoption and foster care systems


  • Olivia Esposito - Funding in the Bio-Medical Engineering Field - To draw attention to the block that the lack of funding is putting on further modernization of biomedical engineering 
  • Catherine Lacala & Mila Munson - Argonne National Laboratory - To provide knowledge of the arsenic accumulation in crop plants, to then develop crop cultivars which combine arsenic tolerance with lower levels of arsenic in grain


  • Teagan Handrigan - How the Skincare Community is Misleading - Researching skincare products to find out which are harmful for your skin
  • Hailey Leonard - Sustainable Fashion - Researching how to create effective change (moving away from fast fashion) in the fashion industry
  • Erica Suleiman - Fast Fashion - To identify the sustainability of fashion brands both near and far to my community
  • Denisse Salgado - Marketing & The Gold Industry - Exploring how to best market a gold business in such a competitive field 
  • Ana Papadopoulos - Clean Beauty - To raise awareness on the importance of clean beauty and animal testing


  • Ariadna Gill - Health in Public Education - To gain a deeper understanding of the prevalent issues and what I can do to help with them
  • Nicole Bosowski - Female Patient Recognition in Healthcare - Gender inequality is an inevitable issue worldwide, especially amongst women in the healthcare community