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Freshman Olivia Magruder Shines Light on Economic Impact of Taylor Swift's 'Eras' Tour

Freshman Olivia Magruder Shines Light on Economic Impact of Taylor Swift's 'Eras' Tour


At the STREAM Symposium, where students showcased their innovative projects and research, Olivia Magruder, a freshman participant from STREAM I, stood out with her captivating study. Olivia's research delved into the correlation between the localized economic impact of Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour and the daily NASDAQ 100 composite index, offering a unique perspective rooted in classic economics.

Olivia provided insights into her project's objectives, inspirations, methodologies, and challenges, shedding light on her journey of unraveling the economic effects of cultural phenomena.

Olivia's project aimed to examine how Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour influenced stock prices, particularly for hotel chain Marriott, across different cities in the United States. By focusing on the Marriott stock prices in areas where Swift performed, Olivia hoped to uncover the extent of the tour's impact on local economies.

Driven by her admiration for Taylor Swift's music and intrigued by the concept of the "Taylor Swift effect," Olivia was inspired to explore the intersection of economics and pop culture. She recognized Swift's significant influence on both consumer behavior and market dynamics, prompting her to delve deeper into understanding the economic implications of her tours.

Olivia's research methodology involved correlating the daily closing prices of the NASDAQ 100 index with the dates of Taylor Swift's concerts. By comparing the stock prices on the day of the concert with those from the same date the previous year, Olivia aimed to gauge the tour's impact on investor sentiment and market performance.

Despite her meticulous approach, Olivia anticipated challenges in data collection, particularly on days when the stock market was closed during Swift's performances. To address this, she planned to conduct further research and explore alternative data sources to ensure comprehensive analysis.

In crafting her presentation for the symposium, Olivia sought to engage and inform her audience effectively. Beyond traditional charts and graphs, she aimed to present her findings in a compelling and relatable manner, catering to audiences of varying backgrounds and knowledge levels. Olivia's thoughtful consideration extended to creating tangible connections, such as offering friendship bracelets to visitors, to foster engagement and facilitate understanding.

Olivia Magruder's research offered a captivating glimpse into the intersection of pop culture and economics, highlighting the far-reaching impact of cultural phenomena like Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour. Through her innovative approach and dedication to communication, Olivia exemplified the spirit of inquiry and exploration fostered within the STREAM community, inspiring others to explore the intriguing complexities of our interconnected world.