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Mentors Needed for Practicum Job Shadowing Program

Mentors Needed for Practicum Job Shadowing Program

Do you work in marketing, business, nursing, or another medical field? Would you be interested in being a mentor to one of our RES students through our Practicum Job Shadowing Program?

The Resurrection College Prep High School Practicum Program is a job shadowing program that offers students the opportunity to work with mentors in a professional setting to explore career possibilities and learn career-related skills. Students gain a fuller understanding of the skills required and how people interact in a particular work environment. 

As a mentor, some responsibilities you will have are:

  • Explaining what your job entails, including the role and purpose of the particular department or type of work you do
  • Sharing as appropriate, the job description(s) of those working in your particular type of work so that the student sees the whole picture and functions within the organization
  • Providing opportunities for the student to relate to and interact with people in the workplace
  • Allowing the student to observe the you in action, being a “shadow” to the mentor in the day-to-day activities and duties of the mentor
  • Allowing the student to assist with tasks appropriate to the student’s interest, capabilities, and appropriateness of the situation
  • Providing experiences and opportunities to assist the student in making decisions for future studies or work
  • Explaining how the work relates to, or interacts with, other departments, organizations, or professions
  • Explaining the appropriate behavior and responses required when working with patients/clients/customers, as well as confidentiality issues required
  • Describing the skills needed for a career in the particular profession, such as verbal, written, physical, as well as any technology skills/abilities needed.

Other information can be shared, such as opportunities and challenges of the career, educational requirements, universities and colleges offering programs or degrees, job market situation, and salary scale.

Those interested in participating in our Practicum Program are asked to reach out to Ms. Colleen Debelius, College and Career Coordinator, at or by calling 773.775.6616 ext. 121.

Thank you in advance for your support and willingness to mentor our students.