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School Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures | 2023-24 School Year

School Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures | 2023-24 School Year

Please review the drop-off and pick-up procedure for parents and students. On the first day of school (August 15th), there will be staff outside monitoring the drop-off and pick-up procedures. The procedures are for both the safety of students and parents. During drop-off and pick-up hours, students and parents will only be able to enter the campus from the Oriole Avenue entrance.

Parents who are dropping off their daughter(s), should pull forward to the front of the building (not the side by the gym). Parents will exit out of the Talcott Ave. exit. Students who drive to school are to enter campus on Oriale Ave. and pull straight ahead to their assigned parking spots.


Parents will not be allowed to park in front of the building; the front of the building is a fire lane and you will be in jeopardy of being towed. Parents picking up their daughters should line up outside of door 8 (the gymnasium side). Students will exit from door 8.

The below diagram outlines the new policy.

2023-24 Drop Off and Pick Up Procedure Map