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Student of the Week: Norah Lazarra

Student of the Week: Norah Lazarra

To build community and celebrate and honor our students' stellar achievements, we are proud to announce that we will be featuring a Student of the Week throughout this school year.
We will be asking faculty and staff to nominated students based on the following criteria that highlight RES:

  • Is she Resilient? Does she cope and recover from setbacks well?
  • Is she Exceptional? Has she engaged in an activity or behavior where she went above and beyond?
  • Is she Scholarly? Has she demonstrated a deep commitment to academic studies?

This week's RES Student of the Week is freshwoman Norah Lazarra!

Norah is an outstanding student. She constantly applies herself, goes above and beyond to ensure she understands the lessons, and is highly intellectually driven toward academic success. She immerses herself in wanting to learn the Italian language and is a pleasure to have in class.