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President Welcome Back Letter

2020/21 Final Grade Report
Enclosed in this mailing, you will find your final grades for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you have any questions regarding your final grade, please contact Mr. Joe Lascon at JLascon@reshs.org.

2021/22 Student Schedule
Enclosed in this mailing, you will find an initial schedule for the 2021/2022 school year.  Every effort was taken this year to place your daughter in courses that were initially selected or alternates that were provided. To this end, we were very successful. Please be aware of a few items as you examine your daughter’s schedule:

  • Band courses meet before school (0 Period) each day
  • Yearbook meets after school on Tuesdays from 3 - 5 pm
  • Red day courses are indicated on the schedule as A1-A4, while White day courses are B1-B3
  • This is an initial schedule from our scheduling software.  An official schedule with course numbers and periods will be made available to students and parents over the next month.

Over the summer we will continue to work to improve overall scheduling and that may lead to an occasional change in what period a student has a particular course.  A student will not be added or removed from a course without being contacted first. If you did not receive a schedule or you have questions regarding the schedule, please contact Mr. Lascon (jlascon@reshs.org).  

Modified Bell Schedule
Resurrection is excited to fully implement the modified block schedule we announced last year. After multiple years of committee research and discussion about how our schedule can best meet the ever-evolving needs of students, a modified bell schedule was created and prepared for use during the past school year. Unfortunately, COVID restricted how it could be implemented. This year, we will return to the plan of fully utilizing the new bell schedule. Resurrection is firmly committed to the learning benefits that block scheduling provides, and we believe this new bell schedule will create additional learning opportunities through the “Flex” and “P” block periods. To learn more, please take a few minutes to review our New Bell Schedule Interactive Presentation

Curriculum Night
Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 6:45 - 9:00 P.M.
Parents and guardians have the opportunity to walk through their daughter’s class schedule, meet teachers and learn about each courses’ curriculum.  Meetings for parents of seniors, freshmen and transfer students will begin at 6:00 pm and Curriculum Night for all parents begins at 6:45 pm.  Please arrive early enough to park and find your daughter's first period class before the scheduled walk-through begins.  Please note that this event may be modified for health and safety reasons this year.

Senior Parent Meeting
Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 6:00 - 6:45 P.M. in the Little Theater

Senior parents are invited to join us for a meeting with information about the final stages of the college application process.  Parents are encouraged to attend and students are welcome as well.  Please note that this event may be modified for health and safety reasons this year.


Medical Information
If your daughter will be using an inhaler, epipen or medication during the school day, please download the three Self Medication Forms from our website (www.reshs.org/parents/forms-resources).  Please return the completed forms with your daughter’s Physical Examination/Immunization Form. Your daughter’s Physical Examination/Immunization Record and Self Medication Forms, if necessary, should be sent to the Resurrection College Prep Records Office by Friday July 30, 2021. By state law, a student may not participate in Physical Education classes, Dance classes, sports, or extracurricular activities if she does not have a completed physical/immunization record on file in the high school.  A return envelope has been included for your convenience.

Summer Reading
A required summer reading assignment for your daughter’s English class is listed on our website.  The English Department’s Summer Reading 2021 tab will provide information about the summer reading program and identify the required selection for your daughter based on the five digit course number of her English course. This number can be found on her schedule.

Emergency Forms
Completed Emergency forms are due in the Records Office by Monday, July 19, 2021.

School Supplies
All students will need a Texas Instrument model TI 84 Plus graphing calculator for their math class.  Additionally, when your daughter meets her teachers, they will let her know of any special materials needed for their classes.  Students are free to purchase notebooks, markers, etc. of their choice.
Student planners with space for writing homework assignments may be pre-ordered on the school’s website  (HERE). The planner is a 7 x 9 spiral-bound planner. The cost is $5 and orders need to be placed by July 10, 2021. Please note that due to the possibility of schedule changes for the 2021-22 school year, the planner may NOT include Red & White days, school vacations and other school events.  A limited number of student planners will also be available for purchase outside the cafeteria the first day of school for all students.

Purchasing Books
We’re excited to announce TextbookHub as the new textbook distributor and the home for your daughter’s digital content for the 2021-2022 school year!  In addition to providing one-stop textbook shopping, TextbookHub provides fast, easy and convenient access to eBook credentials for digital materials purchased through Textbook Hub’s revolutionary platform.  All Resurrection students are required to use TextbookHub for the purchase of digital content. TextbookHub will provide a number of new benefits for our parents, students and faculty, including but not limited to the following:

  • One place for parents to buy all school books, both physical and digital.
  • Students will know exactly which books they need because they will automatically show up on their digital bookshelf, which means no confusion about which books they need for each class.
  • One point of contact for customer service.  Parents and students will not have to reach out to different publishers for assistance with purchasing, accessing or using digital content.

TextbookHub does charge a one time fee of $30 per student for the management of it’s platform and all digital materials. TextbookHub’s advanced platform allows for certain texts that were previously unavailable as digital text to be converted into high quality, interactive digital content. This ability will increase the number of digital offerings available to students over their four years at Resurrection, offering parents increased potential savings as well.

Resurrection is working to make our TextbookHub Bookstore go live around mid-July for parents to begin making purchases.  Parents will receive additional information regarding TextbookHub login and directions in the next few weeks. We believe our partnership with TextbookHub will provide a valuable customer service experience to our parents.  

Book lists for each grade level are available in the office and on the school website.  If you have a question about textbooks, please contact Joe Lascon at jlascon@reshs.org. 

Resurrection College Prep High School is excited to announce that, with the start of the 2021-22 school year, we will begin a new partnership with Powerschool. Powerschool is a school information system that services 3 out of every 4 students in North America. Powerschool will offer the following to students and parents:

  • An easy to use online parent portal that gives convenient visibility into student academic performance, attendance, schedules, parent-teacher communication, registration, and school bulletins.
  • Powerschool will provide an easy to use mobile application for access to all of the above mentioned items.
  • Ability to receive immediate notification on newly entered grades. Parents/Guardians and students will receive additional information and login information to Powerschool when students return to school in the fall.

Fall Sports Tryouts
Fall tryouts begin Monday, August 9, 2021.  Pre-registration and a current physical are required for tryouts. A complete schedule of tryout dates and registration information for fall sports can be found on our website (www.reshs.org). 


Email & electronic newsletters: Email is a primary method of communication used by the school about news and events.  You can expect to receive regular emails from Resurrection, including the communications below. If you are not receiving regular emails, please email resnews@reshs.org.

Weekly Res Reminders: on Sundays, when school is in session, you can expect to receive an email from resnews@reshs.org that contains reminders and information about the week ahead.  
ResNews/ Res Connection – each month you will also receive a monthly parent e-newsletter.
Special Announcements about school events, weather or school closing information, information pertaining to your daughter’s grade level, schedule changes or other announcements.

What if you are NOT receiving emails from us?

  1. Please make sure that we have your current email address. The school will use the email address(es) that you provide on the parent/guardian section of the emergency contact form. If your contact information changes, please contact Resurrection Registrar, Ms. Mary Kaye Ulczak at mulczak@reshs.org.
  2. Please add the e-mail resnews@reshs.org to your email contacts so that your e-mail provider does not direct our messages to your spam or junk file.
  3. If you use a gmail address, your email from Resurrection may land in your “Promotions” tab.
  4. If you choose not to receive e-mail by opting-out of our emails or not sharing your email address, please make a point to regularly visit the Resurrection website at www.reshs.org. The website is continually updated with news for parents and students, including calendar information, forms and news.  The monthly ResConnection/ ResNews and weekly Res Reminders can be found on the website.

If you are not receiving regularly scheduled emails, please contact resnews@reshs.org or Resurrection Registrar Mary Kaye Ulczak at mulczak@reshs.org or 773.775.6616 Ext 127.