Cohort C Application for final marking period

TEXT: Cohort C Applications for final marking period


Cohort C Applications
for Second Semester Marking Period 3


The application for Cohort C for Marking Period 3 of the Second Semester is now open. Marking Period 3 will be from April 12 to May 21, 2021.

Please note that only students who are in good academic standing, have gone through the process of application, and have been formally approved will be in Cohort C. Students cannot initiate the process, parents must apply for Cohort C.

Please email Mrs. Millsapp ( if you have any questions.

The application period for the marking period will be based on class and will be strictly adhered to:

Seniors must apply by April 14, 2021

Freshmen must apply by April 21, 2021

Sophomores must apply by April 28, 2021

Juniors must apply by May, 5, 2021

No changes to their selection may be made after the FRIDAY of the week the year level is on campus. 

Cohort C Request Form - APPLY HERE