Congratulations Res Scholars

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Resurrection College Prep High School honored the top students in each class during the all-school liturgy on Friday, September 13, 2019. The top ten students in the sophomore, junior and senior classes and the incoming freshmen with the top ten entrance exam scores were named as Res Scholars. The Class of 2023 Res Scholars were awarded the Resurrection College Prep Block Family Foundation Top Ten Tester Scholarship.

Senior Res Scholars - Class of 2020 (pictured above):
Anna Battaglia, Reagan McEleney, Rosemary Mullaghy, Leilani O'Toole, Grace Pavlik, Emily Riccio, Colleen Richardson, Clare Ryan, Alexis Suleiman and Shuru Wang

Junior Res Scholars - Class of 2021(pictured below):
Casey Brannigan, Josephine D'Angelo, Kaylee Dolatowski, Bailey Finley, Gech Sruan Hoy, Lauren Lessner, Mary Grace Murphy, Ella Narowski, Kayla Villaraza and Kellie Wijas

Class of 2021 Res Scholars - Sept 2019

Sophomore Res Scholars - Class of 2022 (pictured below):
Allison Calumet, Hannah De Cicco, Jessica Dembski, Bridget Kovac, Rachael Lally, Keira Mackow, Danielle McCarty, Hannah O'Donnell, Daniella Perfetti and Grace Sondermann

Class of 2022 Res Scholars - Sept 2019

Freshmen Res Scholars – Class of 2023 (pictured below):
Alena Anderson, Jessie Beyer, Rita Chandler, Margaret DeFend, Veronica Dworak, Olivia Esposito, Gabriela Kukulka, Eileen Lee, Hailey Leonard and Kirra Stopka

Class of 2023 Res Scholars - Sept 2019