TextbookHub is now LIVE!

TextbookHub is NOW live. TextbookHub is the new textbook distributor and the home for your daughter’s digital content for the 2021-2022 school year!  In addition to providing one-stop textbook shopping, TextbookHub provides fast, easy and convenient access to eBook credentials for digital materials purchased through Textbook Hub’s revolutionary platform. 

Access the RES TextbookHub using the following link: https://reshs.textbookhub.com/. An instructional video and step-by-step tutorial are linked below.

Download the RES How to Purchase Digital and/or Print textbooks through TextBookHub Guide to make your purchasing process easier.


Watch the TextbookHub Informational Video for instructions

Incoming Freshman Please Note: All incoming freshmen need to first go to www.google.com and sign in with their Resurrection school Google account before logging into TextbookHub.  Download the login instructions here.

As a reminder, all RES students are required to use TextbookHub for the purchase of digital content. A TextbookHub charges a one-time fee of $30 per student for the management of it’s platform and all digital materials. TextbookHub’s advanced platform allows for certain texts that were previously unavailable as digital text to be converted into high quality, interactive digital content.  This ability will increase the number of digital offerings available to students over their four years at Resurrection, offering parents increased potential savings.

If you have any technical, ordering or delivery questions, please contact TextbookHub.  If you have trouble logging in with your school Gmail account, contact Mr. Brad Czernik.  If you have any questions regarding textbooks, please contact Mr. Joe Lascon.