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Adult Enrichment Courses

The Adult  Spirituality classes scheduled for March 17 & 31, 2020, have been canceled due to the ongoing situation related to the COVID-19 coronavirus.  
Course registrants will be notified with details.

Winter/Spring 2020 Adult Spirituality Course 
Christianity and Discipleship 
in our Postmodern World

All adults are welcome to join Resurrection faculty member 
Mr. Mike Longo for an adult spirituality course.
Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
February 18 and March 3, 17 & 31, 2020

To understand what it means to follow Jesus in our multicultural society we must explore the world in which Jesus was born, lived and died. Which social groups would have accepted Jesus’ message of God’s kingdom and unconditional love for all people? What groups would have found Jesus’ teachings a threat to society and the political order of the day? 

Jesus' own world was very complex, with a blend of Greek ideas combined with Eastern philosophy known as Hellenism. The Empire and political system was Roman. Jesus grew up as a Jew in an occupied country controlled by the Roman government. How did this impact Jesus’ life and teaching? How did this world help shape the Gospels? How do we live as a disciple of Jesus in the complexities of our world today?

These questions and issues will be explored and discussed in the Winter/Spring Adult Spirituality Course at Resurrection College Prep. The materials that will be used for the course include the following books: The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr and Jesus: A Very Brief History by Helen Bond. The books are suggested, but not required, and will be referenced during the course. 

The course will be taught by Resurrection faculty member Mike Longo, Chamber Orchestra director and former Religious Studies teacher, who holds a Master’s degree in Music and Humanities from DePaul University and a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from Loyola University. 

The cost is $50 per person 


or call 773.775.6616 Ext 125