E-Learning Success

E-learning days started March 16, 2020, and we have collected some feedback and photos from students & staff.


girl peeking out over computer

Even though I’ve been up to my eyeballs in e-learning, I’ve enjoyed staying in my pajamas all day long!
~ Sophomore Keira Mackow ’22

Student with dog and computer
Girl in the sofa with dog and computer

I am so impressed and proud of our students and staff who have shifted to e-learning so successfully. Keep up the good work and stay healthy!
~ Ms. Bernardin M.Ed. | Dean of Students

I learned that in so much alone time one really sees one's true nature.
~ Sophomore Lydia Williams ’22

Computer and notebook showing Italian homework

When I was giving my classes an orientation of the Conferences app, I hid a message. If they explored the app, they found "If you're reading this, ask to see my dog" and I would use my webcam to introduce my dog to them. I met a few of my students' pets too. There was barking.
~ Mr. Eric Wold | Math Teacher

Best parts of e-learning - comfy clothes, coffee breaks and time to go to the bathroom!
~ Sr. Mary Ann Meyer | Religion Teacher

The best thing about e-learning for me is being able to go at my own pace and take breaks along the way so I am not feeling too stressed out. Also for most assignments, I have the whole day to do them so I am not worried about getting each assignment done at a certain time. 
~ Freshman Maeve Borders ’23

When I think of e-learning, it makes me a little sad because I don’t get to see my girls every day and hear about their silly shenanigans, but I have received a lot of positive feedback from them about the lessons I’ve provided! 
~ Ms. Bailey Scianna | English Teacher


Computer, dog and chemistry book in bed

On Monday and Tuesday, I lead my students through the features of Schoology Conferences and Backchannel Chat. A few classes even asked to work practice problems right away on the whiteboard. Wednesday was a really productive day. I used Schoology Conferences with all five of my classes, and I had about 95% participation! We used the student microphones and webcams, whiteboard (including opening it to students), public and private chat, shared notes, polls, and emojis. Additionally, I connected a document camera to show students my graphing calculator and phone calculator, uploaded a slideshow and annotated it, screen shared for specific websites (like MathXL), and I recorded all five sessions.

We used the time conferencing to review practice problems for they will be taking the online assessments Thursday and Friday. Because all the sessions were recorded, my students can go back and rewatch the examples we covered. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

~ Mr. Eric Wold | Math Teacher


E-learning for the Admissions team has been a little different! I have a chance to catch up on some paperwork while  planning and prepping for next year's recruitment season! My desk looks bright and colorful much like my desk in the Welcome Center that students are so used to seeing. Only downside - no candy dish here!
~ Ms. Kat Angelini | Recruitment

Home office desk with computer

The best thing about e-learning is that I get to do my work at my own pace.  If I’m struggling with something I’m able to take more time to focus on it, and I can also breeze through the concepts I don’t find as difficult. I work best when I work by myself so that’s been beneficial too.
~ Senior Annie Battaglia ’20


Sr. Donna Marie Wolowicki’s Health Science Integration and Exploration class had a section on the Scientific Evidence of the Healing Effects of Laughter and Humor and studied the increased production of endorphins. In addition to scientific questions, she asked students how they have used humor at home to help their families cope with the coronavirus. Here are a few of their answers:

This morning my little brothers (7 and 4) and I all watched the movie “Grown Ups” and all had a really good laugh. We’re all trying to keep busy during this quarantine and a little laughter everyday is nice. The movie is also one of my favorites and it was so cool to see them laugh like I did at that age.
~ Senior Kelley Moritz ’20

My family is playing old funny Disney movies like "Herbie the Lovebug."
~ Senior Mia Belcastro ’20

My mom starts reminiscing of childhood experiences and before you know it the family is giggling and having fun.
~ Senior Claudia Dabrowski  ’20

My go-to joke with my family is, "What do you call a pig who does karate?"  Answer:  A pork chop!
~ Senior Abby Kroll  ’20


The best thing about e-learning is seeing students take initiative to do their best to learn despite not being physically together in a classroom... my dog Wrigley and my bed is an added plus!
~ Ms. Jessica Davis | Religion teacher

The best thing about e-learning is that I get to work at my own pace, and I do not have to wait until the allotted period to complete work; I can work on and complete my assignments as early as I want, or when it is convenient for me. I created my own schedule that included elements of hard work, dedication, and rest.  I set it up so that I would work on assignments at one time and get my running and physical activities in at other times throughout the day. 
~ Freshman Veronica Dworak ’23


girl working on computer at breakfast table
Student at desk in home office



While keeping up with academics during this time is important, I think it's also so important for the girls to keep up as much normalcy as possible. They need to continue to have non-academic related conversations with their classmates. That's why each class, I begin with an un-graded discussion board where we have informal conversations about movies/ tv-shows we have been watching, books we have been reading, podcasts we have been listening to, etc.

We also share some funny selfies of us with our pets, with face masks on, etc. I think it's important for them to realize that no one has it all together right now, and we're all navigating this at the same time.
~ Ms. Briana O'Donnell | Rankin Academic Support Program

Computer station at dining room table with coffee and pancakes

The best thing I believe e-learning has to offer is the conference calls and GChats. It has been an odd transition switching to e-learning from a traditional classroom setting making this option very beneficial when you have to contact a teacher or have a class discussion. I also like how we have the ability to complete our work at the time its best convenient and we don't have to go directly in the order of our classes. 

Also, Coach Molly made a yoga video for us to do at home and we also had the opportunity to join a live stream of her class which was cool.

~ Freshman Colleen Chiavola '23

I turned my bed into a desk and I’ve been listening to Beyoncé all morning.
~ Senior Sloan Caravette ’20


mother and son enjoying afternoon tea

I made my family have afternoon tea at 4 o’clock every day of this quarantine.

~ Sophomore Lydia Williams ’22
reporting to her English teacher in response to research about the Regency Era as pre-work for Pride and Prejudice, in Honors British Literature

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