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Rankin Academic Support Program

Students working together in classroom

Recognizing that each student has God-given talents and a unique learning style, the Rankin Academic Support Program is a college preparatory course of studies that assists students in developing the skills and strategies necessary to build on their strengths, reach their academic potential, and become independent learners.
The program, named in honor of former Resurrection educator Sr. Joyce Rankin, C.R., provides one-on-one tutoring and small classroom instruction so that students can master the same classroom standards as their peers. Students enrolled in the program have a class which offers learning strategies, skills reinforcement, and individual assistance from qualified resource teachers who collaborate with students’ classroom teachers. This class is built into their schedule as opposed to taking students out of their classes, allowing students to be a part of the general population’s classrooms and successfully complete the core curriculum, electives, and graduation requirements while fully participating in the life of the school.  

Students are afforded moderate accommodations/modifications and are taught life-long learning skills which will enable them to set and achieve their academic goals now and in the future. A transitional component is also in place for students who are prepared to move on from supported learning when they are ready. 

The program supports students who have diagnosed learning differences with an accompanying IEP, ICEP, 504 plan, current psycho-educational evaluation report, neuropsychological evaluation report, and/or qualify for services through a case evaluation by the Resurrection Academic Support Team. The program will also work with students that need support getting academic testing.

Program Fast Facts:

  • Resurrection offers testing accommodations on the entrance exam and other standardized tests
  • Students are placed in the program based on:
    • Special Education needs
    • Academic history
    • RES entrance exam scores and their grade school standardized tests scores
  • Students placed in the program have either an:
    • IEP
    • Section 504 Plan
    • ICEP
    • Response to Intervention (RTI) Tier 3 plan that calls for placement in academic support
    • Current psycho-educational evaluation report, neuropsychological evaluation report
    • Qualify for services through a case evaluation by the Resurrection academic support team
  • Students in the Rankin Program are supported by:
    • enrolling in the Learning Strategies class (for credit)
    • meeting with an academic support teacher 2X a week for resource
    • receiving accommodations in all classes without a resource period

Support level courses are offered as needed in freshman and sophomore years for English, math, and science. Students in the Rankin program are enrolled in all levels of course offerings from support level through Advanced Placement.

Ms. O'Donnell helping Rankin student