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STREAM students working on final projects

STREAM Program Mission Statement

True to the call of the Sisters of the Resurrection to transform society, the Resurrection STREAM program works to prepare students with the skills, knowledge, strategies, access and opportunities to become innovative and creative problem solvers of relevant, real world problems informed by a Catholic worldview. STREAM is a mission-centered approach to teaching science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math.

In the fall of 2019, Resurrection College Prep welcomed its first cohort into the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Program. STREAM is a mission-centered approach to teaching Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math. Resurrection’s academic program has always been rooted in an authentic Liberal Arts tradition infused with an Catholic anthropology. For this reason, the decision was made to design a program with a STREAM curriculum, rather than a more traditional STEM to STEAM model. While all students at Resurrection will have the opportunity to enrich their academic course plan with STREAM offerings, students who choose to enroll in the STREAM program will be provided with a unique four-year course of study designed to prepare students to become leaders in emerging career and research fields. These students will make connections across each of these disciplines with an emphasis on scientific observation, technological exploration, and artfully engineered design with a focus on solving relevant, real world problems, all grounded in a Catholic world-view. We posit that a STREAM program is a transformative catalyst for creative problem solving.

“STREAM to me is a place where I can bravely explore so many fields of science with each day being a new learning experience. I have the support and encouragement of my teacher to ask questions and stay curious.” Ava Bellwoar, Class of 2023

At its core, a STREAM course, like all Resurrection courses, is a Catholic mission-centered approach to preparing our young women to transform society. However, a STREAM course is one that uniquely positions the student as a contemporary, integrated problem solver, combining skills and understandings taught and acquired in a variety of courses and contexts (drawing from current and previous coursework), to solve real world problems or advance conceptual understandings. These courses will rely heavily upon either the 5-step Engineering Design Process or significant cross-curricular integration connected to a project-based learning approach.

The STREAM Program consists of three courses and allows for the following:

  • STREAM I - Freshmen year
  • STREAM II - Sophomore year
  • STREAM Electives - Junior year
  • STREAM III with AP Seminar - Senior year

STREAM I and II are honors level courses. STREAM III is designed to be an AP course and has the potential to earn the student college credit. Students will also participate in the annual STREAM research symposium and out-of-school STREAM experiences.“Being in the STREAM program has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities in my life. Growing up I always wanted to go into a science or math occupation, but this program definitely solidified that feeling for me. Due to being in STREAM, I feel more confident about being a woman going into a field such as the ones I wanted to be in growing up.”Olivia Esposito, Class of 2023

Student working with pens in STREAM

STREAM Program Courses

STREAM students at 2022 Symposium

STREAM Program Frequently Asked Questions