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At Resurrection, our rigorous college preparatory curriculum is designed to keep pace with student needs and interests. This ensures an academic program that prepares young women for success in college, career, and life. Our multiple levels of learning, combined with our advanced use of the latest technology and data-driven instructor best practices means that students receive an unparalleled educational experience. Our one-of-a-kind Practicum Program provides students opportunities to explore career options. See for yourself all that Resurrection has to offer academically.

Learning Environments

Depending on interests, abilities, and goals, a student will be placed within a learning environment that best suits her as an individual to ensure growth in each area of learning. All of our classes are college preparatory, with varying supportive environments of learning.

  • Advanced Placement - College-level courses in a variety of subjects; AP exam offered to earn college credit
  • College Preparatory Honors - Classes geared toward students with high interest, motivation, and ability
  • College Preparatory - Classes that challenge the college-bound student
  • College Preparatory with Support - Classes that challenge the college-bound student while providing support for critical thinking and skill review


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Michael Privett


Maggie Qualter

Campus Ministry

Ann Marie Schneider


Bailey Scianna

Class of 2013
English, Artistic Expression & Wellness

Jessica Swallow

Student Services

Samantha Toomey

Class of 2011
Student Services

Mary Katherine Trausch


Elizabeth Turek

Artistic Expression & Wellness

Cynthia Vargas

Student Services

Amanda Wagner

Artistic Expression & Wellness

Bill Wennlund


Eric Wold

Mathematics & Technology