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Jr. Bandit Events

Due to COVID-19, the Jr. Bandit events, visiting us and the admissions process at Resurrection College Prep High School is being reimagined with virtual and in-person tour opportunities.

We look forward to being able to offer Jr. Bandit events in the near future. 

Check out information HERE and we look forward to connecting with your family!

Jr. Bandit Events 

  • Open House Events

  • Class of 2025 Entrance Exam - Saturday, December 5, 2020

  • Junior Bandit Night 

  • Junior Bandit Fine Arts Workshop

  • Junior Bandit 7th Grade Volleyball Tournament 

  • Junior Bandit 8th Grade Volleyball Tournament

  • Young Women's Math Olympics 

  • 7th Grade Experience Res Day

  • Young Women's Writing Festival

  • Junior Bandit Cross Country Meet 

  • Junior Bandit 7th Grade Basketball Tournament 

  • Junior Bandit 8th Grade Basketball Tournament