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Experience a tour of Resurrection’s campus and meet faculty, staff, coaches and students. Resurrection College Prep High School is the largest single-gender female Catholic school on the North Side of Chicago. Come explore the innovative academic programs and activities that prepare young women for success in college, career and life.

Open Houses are a great opportunity to tour the school and meet our administrators, faculty and staff.  

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Resurrection College Prep High School is proud to continue as the largest all-girls Catholic school on the north side of Chicago, educating young women since 1922.

An announcement was made in May 2019 that the sponsorship of Resurrection College Prep High School will be transferred from the Sisters of the Resurrection to the Christian Brothers of the Midwest. The Sisters of the Resurrection, and our entire school community, are pleased that the Christian Brothers are not only willing to continue Resurrection as an all-girls school, but that they are excited to have an all-girls school among their over 1,000 schools worldwide. 

Resurrection Sponsorship