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Class of 2020 Alumnae Heritage

These Class of 2020 graduates have continued the Resurrection College Prep High School tradition passed on to them from their mothers or grandmothers.  For years, Resurrection has been continuing rich traditions and shaping futures.

Alumnae, thank you for passing on this beautiful tradition to your daughters. 

Lily Barger and her mother, Linda Strandberg Barger, Class of 1990

Jaime Barreras-Koster and her mother, Robin Barreras, Class of 1986

Isabella Bongiorno and her mother, Nancy Bongiorno, Class of 1988

Caroline Byrne and her mother, Kathleen McNaughton-Byrne, Class of 1982

Caitlin Chiavola and her mother, Maureen O’Connor Chiavola, Class of 1995

Madison Dorband and her mother, Patricia Heavey Dorband, Class of 1986

Tara Folino and her mother, Erin Boyle Folino, Class of 1989

Rebecca Gawlinski and her mother, Beth Stemper Gawlinski, Class of 1983

Sarah Lach and her mother, Erin Gleason Lach, Class of 1988

Kelley Moritz and her stepmother, Patricia McGill, Class of 1991

Ann Quinn and her mother, Michelle Kinnavy Quinn, Class of 1987

Elena Rafac and Anna Rafac and their mother, Monica Szwedo Rafac, Class of 1987

Colleen Richardson and her mother Maureen Griffin Richardson Class of 1980

Samantha Rickert and her mother, Mary Anne Marbach Richardson, Class of 1990

Liberty Sansone and her grandmother, Susan Sopello, Class of 1973

Rebecca Slywczuk and her mother Susan Stapka Ringfelt Slywczuk, Class of 1979

Lauren Tebbens and her mother Julie Brabac Tebbens, Class of 1984