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Athletic Camps

Summer 2021 Girls Athletic Camps
for girls entering grades 4-12

Basketball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Running, Softball & Volleyball
Most camps held Monday to Thursday at Resurrection, unless otherwise noted.

Camp registrations close when the camp is filled or the Thursday before the camp begins.
For grades 9-12, camps are only open to Resurrection College Prep High School students.


Contact Mr. Kane, Resurrection Athletic Director, at ekane@reshs.org or the individual coaches.

Resurrection Athletic Director & Coaching Staff

Youth and High School Basketball Skills Camps (grades 4-12)

Basketball skills and team development camp will focus on the progressive skill development of the whole player. The skills will be developed in both individual skill development drills, and integrated into a team format. The drills will focus on individual footwork, passing, ball handling, body positioning, defensive skill work, and shooting. The skills will also focus on team development within an offensive and defensive system. The skill development will progress over the multiple weeks of summer camp resulting in the improvement of the player overall. 

Basketball Head Coach Jon Palicki  jpalicki@reshs.org

Youth and High School Camps (grades 5-12)

The program is designed to be a building progression starting with the basic ball skills including scooping, passing, catching, cradling and shooting. Lacrosse is a running and physical sport and requires an understanding of checking and dodging techniques which will be taught. Lacrosse philosophy and game strategy will be included.  For High School camps: Building upon and emphasizing all basic ball skills, the camp will include individual/team defense and offensive plays.

Lacrosse Head Coach Steve Wheet  swheet@reshs.org

Youth & High School Running Skills Camp (grades 5-12)

Running camp emphasizes fundamentals, with warm­ups and cool­downs. Distance, speed, endurance, sprints, and track techniques will be reviewed throughout the workouts. The runner should be prepared to run approximately 12 to ­16 miles over the course of the week. 

Running Head Coach Fred Angelini  fangelini@reshs.org

Youth & High School Softball Skills Camps (grades 5-12)

Fundamentals and game strategy will be reviewed through competitive drills and games. Instruction will focus on catching, throwing, hitting, fielding and base running skills.

Softball Head Coach Fred Angelini  fangelini@reshs.org

Intro to Tennis through Pickleball Camp (FULL)

Campers will learn the racquet skills and strategies needed to play tennis through fast-paced games of pickleball for the first two days of camp. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States! On days three and four, campers will participate in tennis drills to advance to the use of a full-sized tennis racket and court. 

Tennis Head Coach Beverly Patt  bpatt@reshs.org

Tennis Camp (grades 7-12)
Campers will learn and improve their tennis strokes and strategies in four active, game-based sessions. No experience necessary! Returning team members encouraged.

Volleyball Skills Camp Grades 5-6
Grade school camp is designed to teach the fundamental skills of volleyball. Campers will be grouped based on age and skill level and will be introduced to serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking and defense. Coaching techniques will include drills, interactive games, and real competition.  

Volleyball Skills Camp Grades 7-8
Junior high camp is designed to push the girls toward high school level volleyball. Campers will be shown techniques to build upon their serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking and defensive current skills. Coaching techniques will include drills, interactive games, and real competition. 

Volleyball Grade 9
Drill progressions will be aimed towards recognizing and developing good habits in all aspects of the game. Players will receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of volleyball needed to compete at the high school level. Campers will be made aware of the characteristics that define successful players. Organized games between campers will provide a competitive outlet after specific drills have been practiced. 

Volleyball Grades 10-12
Skill progressions begin with single-contact drills and move to multi-contact, combination drills before culminating with complex transition and team drills. The camp will include position-specific training and will be high-intensity.  The camp is designed to prepare high school players for the upcoming season, improving all aspects of their game.  

Specific Youth Volleyball Skills
Volleyball Setting Youth Camp - single session 
(grades 5-8)
Setter camp is designed for aspiring and current Setters. Setters of any skill set are welcome. This position specific camp is designed to improve your volleyball setting technique along with the other skills needed of a setter.  This includes hand positioning, location, footwork, blocking, defense, and will cater to each skill set!

Volleyball Hitting Camp - single session (grades 5-8)
Hitting camp is designed for aspiring and current attackers. Hitters of any skill set are welcome. This position specific camp is designed to improve your volleyball outside hitter, middle hitter, and right side hitter technique.  This includes technique in arm swing, footwork, different attack shots, blocking, serving, and defense.

Volleyball Defensive Skill Youth Camp - single session (grades 5-8)
Defensive skills camp is designed for aspiring and current Back-Row Players. Defensive players of any skill set are welcome. This position specific camp is designed to improve your volleyball defensive technique and passing.  This includes forearm passing, overhead passing, digging, run-throughs, and safe floor moves.  

Volleyball Head Coach Anthony Monk amonk@reshs.org


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