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January 8, 2021 Update
IHSA Sports Update - Winter, Spring, and Fall Seasons
The IHSA has its next Board meeting on January 13, 2021, to discuss the winter, spring, and summer seasons. Should there be a winter season, Resurrection will conduct bowling tryouts as soon as possible, as it is a low risk sport and will be able to begin competing immediately. Basketball is still very much up in the air as the governor still classifies it as a high risk sport. Hopefully we will know more after the IHSA meets on January 13, 2021.

As of right now Water Polo and Volleyball are scheduled to begin February 15, 2021. That could change if the IHSA decides to push seasons back to give winter sports a longer season.  Track, Softball, Soccer, and Lacrosse are slated to begin April 19, 2021.  Again, that date could change.

How Club Teams Fit into High School Sports This Year 
Many of our athletes also compete on club teams. I realize club teams are also going to begin to schedule practice, games, and tournaments shortly. The official IHSA designation on students competing for club teams and High School Teams for this year due to the pandemic is as follows:

Volleyball and Water Polo: Student athletes can participate on both club and high school teams simultaneously for the entire high school season. This is due to the fact that the high school seasons for these sports were completely moved out of their traditional calendar dates.   

Bowling and Basketball: Students may only participate with their high school team. Basketball and Bowling are both happening during their traditional winter season. 

Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Softball: Students may only participate with their high school sport up until June 4 or 6, 2021, (still waiting confirmation on the date).  Following that date, student athletes may participate on both their club and high school teams.  

7 Days Rule for Club Sports: Volleyball and Water Polo are exempt.  For all other sports if student athletes are competing for their club teams prior to the start of the high school season, they must cease to participate with their club teams in any way (practice or competition) within the first official 7 days of high school practice. For example, if a softball player is competing for her club team in April and April 19 is the first official day of high school softball, that player would have to cease all participation with their club team by April 26, and then devote themselves entirely to Resurrection Softball.       

Nov 20, 2020 Update
Winter Sports Paused by IHSA
Winter sports have been paused by the IHSA.  A restart date could come as early as December 2, 2020, following the IHSA Board update meeting. More likely, a restart will not be until December 14, following the IHSA Board’s regularly scheduled meeting.  During the pause, athletic teams are allowed to work out only in groups of ten, and only outside.  With the cold weather, this is not a viable option.  Resurrection will pause all athletics until an update is provided by the IHSA.   

Fall Athletic Parent Meeting – parents of Fall 2020 student-athletes, please watch video below and read the important communication links below by August 22, 2020.

Important Athletic Communication Links