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Students gathered in circle having discussion in chapel

A Resurrection education is founded on the belief that high quality, holistic, well-integrated education is the best path for a meaningful and faith-filled life, a lifetime commitment to service, and becoming a leader who will transform society. 
At Resurrection, each student recognizes her ability to make a difference in the lives of others by answering the call to serve. Campus Ministry invites each student to participate and experience her Catholic Christian faith. She can do this through retreats, liturgies, immersion experiences, prayer services, faith activities, and service opportunities. Each student is also called to witness to the joy-filled message of Jesus. She does this by her presence at Resurrection each day and by her interactions with all members of the school community. Additionally, the school chapel is open daily for students to use for prayer and reflection, as well as adoration, liturgy, and De La Salle Week.

As she deepens her faith, Resurrection is confident she will grow in her understanding of God’s unconditional love and learn to become a woman of faith.

Prayer Intentions

Resurrection is a school of prayer. As a community that comes together to celebrate our faith, tradition, and heritage, we believe in the power of prayer.

Recognizing the Truth of God's unconditional love for each of us, the Charity & Truth Prayer Wall was created. 

Inspired by one of the holiest places in the world, the Western Wall, also known in the West as the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem, the Charity & Truth Prayer Wall invites all in our community to write a prayer on parchment paper, roll it up, and place it in one of the openings found in the prayer wall. Each month, before our communal celebration of the Mass, the prayers are gathered in a basket, placed before the altar, and offered up during our Prayers of the Faithful.  As is tradition with prayers placed in the Western Wall, after Mass, the prayers are taken and burned.  

As this prayer wall celebrates our belief in the power of prayer, we invite all in our community to participate. If you have a prayer request that you would like placed in the Charity & Truth Prayer Wall, please submit it via the form below and a student will write out your prayer request and insert it into the Wall.


All-School Liturgy Prayer Intentions: These intentions will be read at the monthly all-school liturgies.


Faith and Service

L.I.V.E. at Resurrection - Lasallian Immersion and Volunteer Experiences

The mission of the Lasallian Immersion and Volunteer Experience (L.I.V.E.) is to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge and first-hand experience of social justice issues, both at home and abroad, through meaningful service done in partnership with local communities to better live our Resurrection heritage of “Charity & Truth” and common Lasallian values of faith, service, and community.  Students are intentionally prepared prior to the immersion experience and then are asked to return ready to take additional action.

Immersion Opportunities

ASSOCIATION at Resurrection


La Salle Primary students in Naka, Nigeria


At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, Resurrection College Prep began participating in the Christian Brothers’ Twinning Program, which pairs schools in the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) with ministries in the Lwanga District of Africa. The Brothers’ chose Resurrection to partner with La Salle Primary in Naka, Nigeria. 

Naka is an agrarian community with about 220,000 people located 43 kilometers (about 27 miles) from Makurdi, the capital of Nigeria. It has become a place of refuge for many rural farmers from neighboring villages who have been displaced by clashes between indigenous Tiv farmers and invading Fulani nomads. Given the migration of peasant farmers to Naka, the demand for quality education is immense, and many families are looking for a primary school that will provide a sound moral, spiritual, and academic background for their children as they hope for a better future.

La Salle Primary, also new to the Twinning Program, only just opened in September 2019 with one, co-ed first grade class. Now, in its third school year, La Salle Primary has experienced growth and is currently educating students in first through third grades. The school plans to eventually serve 500-600 students in first through sixth grades.

And while La Salle Primary expects to see growth in the student population in the coming years, the biggest challenge students face in getting an education is not having enough money to pay school fees. At La Salle Primary, school is in session for three terms starting from mid-September through the end of July with extended breaks in December, April and August. Tuition is approximately $85 USD per term with additional fees. While the cost of education at La Salle is lower than other Catholic schools, most parents are unable to pay fees. 

La Salle Primary student receiving Christmas gift sent from RES students during Advent season.

Additionally, the school is seeking money to expand its space. Donations funded the first phase of construction of La Salle Primary, but now the school is planning to add more classrooms, along with offices, a chapel, laboratories, studios, a kitchen, a dining facility, and dorm space. While La Salle Primary had planned to fundraise to cover the $300,000 of the next construction phase, the school now expects to need at least $500,000 due to inflation. Construction of the second phase has started, thanks to donations already received. 

As its twin school, Resurrection held two student fundraisers during the 2021-22 school year to collect donations to offset the cost of books and materials for their student body. About half of La Salle Primary’s tuition is allocated to books and supplies - with tuition being approximately $255 USD a year, that’s about $127 USD a year for books and supplies.

During the Advent season, students were asked to donate $10 to aid La Salle Primary. Half of the funds donated went to support their need for books and supplies and the other half allowed for Resurrection to send every La Salle Primary student a Christmas present. This introduction of ourselves to the students in Naka was greatly appreciated and demonstrated our long-term commitment to connecting our two Lasallian communities.  

Then for the Lenten season, religion classes collected funds to go directly toward books and supplies needed for students at La Salle Primary. Not even halfway through the Lenten Season did students raise over $3,000, and by the end, over $7,200 was raised. Our original goal was to raise $4,600, so the over $7,200 raised well exceeded the amount needed to cover the costs of supplies and materials for each student at La Salle Primary.

Through our continued partnership, Resurrection and La Salle Primary will focus on connecting students through joint service projects, prayer, video conferencing, and letter writing. Our Twinning dream is that someday we will be able to take Resurrection students to visit our brothers and sisters at La Salle Primary in Naka, Nigeria and learn about their life and culture. 

For more information on the Christian Brothers’ Twinning Program, log onto