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Alma Mater

Group of Girls smiling at 100 Year Kickoff event

Dear Resurrection

O, there are places great and glorious

Whose praise the world will e'er proclaim.

O' there are places rare and wondrous

Of many deeds and noble name.

But, as for me, I'll cherish ever,


Dear Resurrection, tried and true.

My heart and love no place shall sever,

O, Resurrection, dear, from you.



O, Resurrection, dear Resurrection

With you I long to dwell,

In happy memories, dear Resurrection,

Because I love you well.


O, there are banners, rich and flowing

Whose fold unfurls to sunny skies

And banners light, with radiance glowing

Of every form and every size.


My banner is the Resurrection;

Within its shade I'll shelter find;

A genial welcome and protection,

A joy serene and peace of mind!


We may have friends whose hearts are loyal

Who e'er bestow kind words and smile,

Whose welcome is sincere and loyal,

Who tarry long in time of trial.


But, Resurrection, there's no other

So kind and loyal as are you;

You've played your role of loving mother

To you, I pledge my honor, true!


Sister Mary Louise Kielpinski, C.R.

October, 1933