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Online Bookstore The Resurrection online bookstore, in conjunction with Follett, is available at

Contact Follett Customer Service at 888-FVC(382)-3383 with any questions or issues with the online bookstore.

Various purchasing options are available, including used, rental and digital books. Contact Follett Customer Service at 888-FVC-3383 with any questions about the online bookstore. If you have a question about textbooks, please contact Dr. Trina Vallone at

Follett Virtual Backpack
All Resurrection students will need to purchase the Virtual Backpack when purchasing a digital text for the first time during the school year. Please note, a $5 fee will be applied per student, per school year upon the first purchase of digital content for the school year in the online bookstore.

Students need to utilize their Resurrection, school-issued email address so that they can readily access their Follett Virtual Backpack when school starts. If you have questions about the Follett Digital Backpack, please contact Mr. Joe Lascon at 

Incoming Freshmen Families - Class of 2023 student emails follow the following format: (Example:


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Online Bookstore opens Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

The Resurrection online bookstore, in conjunction with Follett, is available  at