Book Lists 2020-21


2020-21 Class Schedules & Course Numbers

Schedules are now available to be viewed online for returning students via the Parent Connect Portal. Once logged in, you will see a dropdown menu located under “Reports” at the top of the screen.  In the dropdown menu, select “Next Year Schedule”. The last step requires you to then click on the printer icon. This will open a new window that shows your next year schedule.  Please make sure your pop-up blocker has been disabled.  As of July 9th, these schedules have been accurately uploaded into Parent Connect.  As you review your schedule, please be aware of a few items:

  • Band will meet before school (0 Period) each day
  • Yearbook meets after school on Tuesdays from 3 - 5 pm (Period 9)

Students will be provided with a physical copy of their schedule on the first day of school. Incoming freshmen will be mailed a new schedule that includes course numbers to aid in purchasing textbooks. Over the summer we will continue to work to improve overall scheduling and that may lead to some changes in what period you have a particular course.  If a schedule change is made, the student will be contacted regarding the change and will be provided an updated schedule. 

If you have questions regarding your schedule, please contact Mr. Lascon at  If you need your Parent Connect login information, please contact Ms. Mary Kaye Ulczak at

Online Bookstore The Resurrection online bookstore, in conjunction with Follett, is available at

Contact Follett Customer Service at 888-FVC(382)-3383 with any questions or issues with the online bookstore.

Various purchasing options are available, including used, rental and digital books. Contact Follett Customer Service at 888-FVC-3383 with any questions about the online bookstore. If you have a question about textbooks, please contact Joe Lascon at

Purchasing eBooks/Digital Materials

Follett no longer sells digital licenses. Parents are now required to purchase them directly from the publisher. To aid in this process, Resurrection has partnered with multiple publishers to create custom websites that easily allow you to purchase all digital materials required for Resurrection courses. Resurrection’s official book list provides specific information concerning where eBooks/digital materials are to be purchased from. Below you will find the links for various websites that sell Resurrection digital materials:

  • Information and the ability to purchase Savvas Math, Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology eBooks/digital materials can be obtained on the website HERE.

  • Spanish I - III materials can be purchased through Vista Higher Learning HERE

  • Biology students will purchase their digital text HERE

Please make sure that you only purchase digital licenses from the websites above.  Resurrection does not advise that families purchase licenses from third party vendors.  If you have any questions concerning the purchase of physical or digital texts, please contact Joe Lascon at