Schoology is a secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools that provides a safe and easy way for us to connect, share content, work collaboratively and access both homework and school notices. 

Res Schoology Login

With Schoology Parent Accounts, you can:
1) View your student's homework assignments and due dates;
2) View content published by your student's teacher;
3) Receive updates on class and school events posted by instructors, staff or the athletic department;
4) Track your student's activity in each course; and
5) View any groups that your student is involved with (i.e. club groups or athletic groups) to receive important information. 

You can log in using your Schoology Parent Account or have your daughter walk you through her classes using her Student Account.  If you haven’t created a Schoology Parent Account and would like to do so, please fill out the Schoology Parent Account Application and both directions and the necessary access code will be provided to you within three business days.  If you have any questions about your parent’s Schoology account, please contact Joe Lascon, the Assistant Principal of Technology, Instruction & Assessment at

Refer to the Schoology Parent Instructions below and feel free to contact Resurrection Vice Principal Joe Lascon at for parent codes or with any questions.

Schoology Parent Instructions