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Strategic Plan

Charting our Faith-Inspired Future to Transform Society: Driving Innovation, Leading with Discovery, Cultivating Excellence, Fostering Belonging

Dear Members of the Resurrection College Prep Community,

We are delighted to present the strategic plan for Resurrection College Prep, a plan that reflects our deep commitment to the Lasallian charism and Resurrection heritage. Rooted in these timeless values, our strategic plan is a roadmap to guide us as we shape the future of our Catholic all-girls high school in Chicago, Illinois.
In our pursuit of academic excellence and the embodiment of Lasallian values, our foremost goal is to craft an academic vision deeply rooted in the Lasallian charism. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive and challenging curriculum that equips our students for their post-secondary journeys. Central to this vision is our commitment to nurturing the unique God-given talents and perspectives of each young woman while fostering a profound recognition of God's presence within themselves and others. We aim to instill a lifelong practice of living out their Lasallian and Resurrection identities, enriching not only their academic experiences but also their spiritual growth.
In parallel, we aspire to cultivate a culture of philanthropy that goes beyond financial support. Our aim is to inspire our community to provide the resources needed for Resurrection College Prep to thrive. These resources will serve to elevate our institution, positioning it as the premier Catholic, women’s secondary school in the Midwest. Beyond mere prestige, our commitment to philanthropy is a guarantee that our school will continue to shine as a beacon of educational excellence for generations to come. Our strategic vision is not only about academic growth but also about nurturing the heart and soul of our institution, guided by a resolute commitment to the values that define us.
This strategic plan is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future with faith-inspired innovation, leadership, excellence, and a sense of belonging for all members of our community. Together, we will chart a bright future for Resurrection College Prep, one that continues to transform society, guided by our timeless values. We are proud to invite you to journey with us as we bring to life the ideals of this strategic plan!
With gratitude for your support and dedication,
Richard J. Piwowarski, Ph.D.                                       Carol Monaco Hetman '73
President                                                                     Strategic Plan Committee Chair

Strategic Plan Committee

  • Carol Monaco Hetman ’73, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Richard Piwowarski, President, Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Academics, Diane Bryniarski ’75
  • Catholic Identity, Fr. Robert Carlton
  • Student Life, Sarah Bolger Farris ’00
  • Facilities, David Kulhman
  • Finance, Trish Moll ’86
  • Governance, Haydee Olinger
  • Advancement, Janet Sisler
  • Enrollment, Cathryn Scotkovsky ’81

Thank you to our stakeholders who participated in our online surveys, focus groups and goal writing days. 

Domain and Objectives


Student working with pens in STREAM

Develop an academic vision rooted in the Lasallian charism and Resurrection heritage, offering a supportive and challenging curriculum for all learners, preparing them for post-secondary life.

  1. Regularly incorporate consistent data to inform, evaluate, and determine best practices aligned with a comprehensive curriculum and associated instructional approaches.
  2. Develop a data-driven and differentiated professional development plan that supports the academic program and instructional practices.
  3. Create a comprehensive, integrated educational technology plan to maximize stakeholder needs and respond to the learning outcomes of the students and faculty.


Students in the Resurrection Chapel

Recognize the presence of God in all individuals to create and foster a life-long practice in living out their Lasallian and Resurrection identity.

  1. Create engaging and ongoing formation programs for faculty and staff.

  2. Research and apply the best practices of integrating the Resurrection heritage and the Lasallian charism into the lived experiences of all community members.

  3. Evaluate current and develop additional relevant practices and programming that form a life-long commitment in students to live the Catholic faith.


Girls posing for picture in Stage Makeup class after creating horror looks.

Create a student life experience rooted in the Lasallian charism and Resurrection heritage to discover their God given talents and foster the development of the whole person.

  1. Design and implement a robust whole person initiative that provides students with specific programs, services and tools to prioritize mental wellness.
  2. Foster an environment empowering students to create their individualized and healthy school/life balance
  3. Create a collaborative and transparent communication process where student voice is meaningful, acknowledged and addressed.


Bandit 100 Year Photo

Make Resurrection College Prep the school of choice for families wanting an experience for young women that is inspirational, challenging and uniquely forms and prepares them to discern God's purpose for their future.

  1. Create, internalize, and promote the value added proposition of a Resurrection College Prep Catholic education for young women
  2. Assess current and prospective families' transporational needs and craft a plan to best address those needs.
  3. Informed by community and family partnerships, develop an enrollment management and marketing plan that incorporates and promotes all aspects of the Resurrection experience.


Alumnae Reunion group Photo

Foster a transformational culture of philanthropy that inspires our community to provide resources which will help establish Resurrection College Prep as the premier Catholic secondary school in the Midwest.

  1. Generate an overarching advancement plan that broadens our donor base to meet and exceed the increasing financial needs of an elevated, vibrant, and viable Resurrection for decades to come.
  2. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that identifies, informs, and educates all constituents on the school's current state, value, and ongoing needs creating engagement and action.
  3. Instill and encourage a culture of engagement, service, and giving among alumnae and all members of the community.


Gym Professional Photo

Create an inspiring and feasible Facilities Master Plan that provides an environment that is vibrant, welcoming, safe, sustainable and promotes the development of the whole person.

  1. Establish and integrate a priority / phasing strategy for implementing a Facilities Master Plan thoroughly informed by the Facilities Conditions Assessment Report (5/4/2022)
  2. In collaboration with outside experts, define physical and cyber security needs; develop and implement solutions.
  3. Identify and secure resources to support facilities management and maintenance staffing needs.


Fiance Strat Plan

Develop, prioritize, and implement sound mission-driven financial strategies and fiscal management to ensure long-term sustainable vitality.

  1. Research and implement new revenue streams that align with our needs and the desires of the community
  2. Create a long-term transparent financial forecast including ongoing evaluation and adjustment
  3. Implement a process to identify and develop a compensation/benefits package to attract, develop and retain top quality faculty and staff
  4. Develop a process that supports the financial efforts (i.e. a feasibility study for advancement, preventative maintenance budget in facilities, etc.) of other institutional areas


Building Exterior Photo

Ensure a transparent and active governance model that is inclusive and representative of all stakeholders, emphasizing our Lasallian and Resurrection identities, and assures a fiduciary responsibility.

  1. Increase understanding, ensure transparency, and improve communications and visibility between the board and the community.
  2. Ensure board members are grounded in the Lasallian charism, representing diverse backgrounds and competencies.
  3. Design a leadership succession plan for identified key roles to ensure continuity and performance during periods of transition
Beginning in March 2024, updates will be made below to the Domain sections of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Updates by Domain