Daily & Hybrid Bell Schedules

Due to COVID precautions, the school building is not open to students or visitors until 7:45 am.  Students must report directly to their first block class. All students, staff, faculty and visitors must enter the building through the Main Entrance (door #1) and exit at door #8.

Post-Easter Staggered Re-Entry Plan

Post-Easter Re-Entry Plan

March 26, 2021

Our primary goal is to return as many students as safely as possible to full in-person learning.  We did our best to incorporate the feedback from the families and faculty members coupled with the revised guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education. 

Staggered Re-Entry

Student re-entry will be staggered over four weeks with all other students following their assigned cohort’s schedule in terms of on-campus or remote learning days. The staggered re-entry will be as follows:  Monday, April 19, seniors; Monday, April 26, freshmen; Monday, May 3, sophomores; Monday, May 10, juniorsFor example, the week of April 19, all seniors will attend in addition to the other levels who attend with their cohort. This process gives priority to our seniors, who will be departing our community soon, and our freshmen, who have the least experience with in-person learning. It also gives us time, each week, to ensure that our plan is effective and, if any hiccups manifest, time to rectify without directly impacting too many students. 

Families will be able to select all in-person or all remote for their student with built-in flexibility. 

Cohort C - (fully remote) requests:

Notification of a decision to do fully-remote must be received by the following Wednesdays, April 14 for seniors, April 21 for freshmen, April 28 for sophomores, and May 5 for juniors. No changes to their selection may be made after the FRIDAY of the week the year level is on campus. Families who elect to return to on campus learning will have access to the eLearning option only when a student has to quarantine due to exposure.

Cohort C Request Form - APPLY HERE 


Specific Modifications

ClassroomsWhat is Changing - We will increase the 15/16-student capacity per space to 26 student/space
What remains - ALL non-capacity related Covid-19 classroom restrictions (i.e. restroom use, flow of traffic in the classroom, material sharing, etc.) remain in full effect.

CohortsWhat is Changing - Once a class level enters their return to campus week, that year level will no longer rotate between Cohort A and Cohort B.
What remains - Cohort C for students who elect to remain in eLearning or are in quarantine due to Covid-19 Exposure/Infection. 

Important DatesWhat is Changing 

  • In the interest of school safety, Resurrection will be fully remote the week we return from Easter Break (4/12-4/16).
  • Wednesday, April 14, will be an asynchronous learning day.  Content will be made available for students without live instruction. 
  •  Beginning the week of April 26, we are going to lock in the remote day, so that every Wednesday will be a fully remote day.
  •  Friday, April 23 will be an in-person testing day (Aspire) for freshmen and sophomores.  It will be a half day.  Juniors and seniors will not have school.
  •  The school year will end on Tuesday, May 25.

What remains 

  • The two color rotation days (red/white)
  • 1 fully remote day after two class days
  • Remote Days will continue to follow the same bell schedule that they have followed during the 2nd semester.

Health ScreeningsWhat is Changing - By presenting their ID for scan, the student (and their parents) acknowledge that the student is free of fever, COVID symptoms, and can answer NO to the existing COVID-19 health screening questions. 

What remains

  • Students will still enter door 1 and exit door 8
  • Students will still present their ID cards for scanning

QuarantineWhat is Changing - If a student is reported as a confirmed/probable Covid case, any student seated in the immediate area of that student will quarantine, determined per the teacher's seating chart.

What remains - The quarantine for close contacts

LunchWhat is Changing - A third space, the theater, will be added. Also, we recommend that each student BRING her lunch to school as there is not enough time to secure a food service vendor to handle the capacity increases. Students are to bring their own water or soft drink beverages sufficient for the school day.

What remains - The six-foot distance

OverflowBecause of our commitment to small class sizes, we have a handful (less than 15%) of sections that exceed the new 26 student capacity.  In these sections, the 1-3 students over the 26 student capacity will be able to go to the library and zoom into the class.  Our goal is to ensure that no more than 15 students are impacted by this and that no student has more than one section in which she is sent to the library

Who to contactCOHORT C requests: To request that your student remain in online learning, complete this form and contact Mrs. Dolatowski in the attendance office at Cdolatowski@reshs.org/ext. 118 with questions.  A confirmation email will be sent when confirmed.

LOGISTICS: To ask specific questions about the logistics (i.e. student overflow, lunch process, ID scanning, etc.), contact Ms. Bernardin, Dean of Students, at Tbernardin@reshs.org/ext. 113

ACADEMICS: To ask questions about teaching and learning, contact our Interim Principal, Mrs. Millsapp, at Kmillsapp@reshs.org/ext 131.

Cohort C Application for final marking period

TEXT: Cohort C Applications for final marking period

COHORT C requests: The application for Cohort C for the final marking period is below. Marking Period 3 will be from April 12 to May 25, 2021.  Students cannot initiate the process, parents must apply for Cohort C.

The application period for the marking period will be based on class and will be strictly adhered to:
Seniors: apply by April 14
Freshmen: apply by April 21
Sophomores: apply by April 28
Juniors: apply by May, 5

Please email Mrs. Millsapp (kmillsapp@reshs.org) if you have any questions.


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Grading Periods 2020-21

Grading Periods (Semester 1)

  • Period 1: August 31st - October 9th

  • Period 2: October 13 - November 12th

  • Period 3: November 16th - December 18th

Grading Periods (Semester 2)

  • Period 4: January 4 - February 12

  • Period 5: February 16 - March 30

  • Period 6: April 12 - May 25

Updated Academic Calendar 2020-21

2nd Semester 2020-21 Daily Hybrid Learning Schedule

First page of the PDF file: HybridLearningSchedule202021S2