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Faith & Service

A Resurrection education is founded on the belief that high quality, holistic, well-integrated education is the best path for a meaningful and faith-filled life, a lifetime commitment to service and becoming a leader who will transform society. 

At Resurrection, each student recognizes her ability to make a difference in the lives of others by answering the call to serve.

Campus Ministry invites each student to participate and experience her Catholic Christian faith. She can do this through retreats, liturgies, prayer services, and service opportunities. Each student is also called to witness to the joy-filled message of Jesus. She does this by her presence at Resurrection each day and by her interactions with all members of the school community.

As she deepens her faith, Resurrection is confident she will grow in her understanding of God’s unconditional love and learn to become a woman of faith.

Faith-Filled Education

Faith-Filled EducationAs part of their faith-filled education. students participate in many areas of service.  Students may choose to contribute to our Resurrection Community:

  • as leaders at Kairos retreats
  • by planning liturgies throughout the school year
  • by coordinating service projects for the school and community
  • as upperclassman leaders at freshman/sophomore retreats

Charity & Truth in Action

Charity & Truth

The motto Caritate et Veritate, or Charity and Truth, is the core philosophy of Resurrection College Prep and is an integral part of our approach to education.

By expressing and celebrating the words Charity and Truth, we acknowledge that God’s love for us is merciful and unfailing. Students join a long tradition of Catholic education where they are inspired to develop their unique talents in service to others. Our belief in God’s love is integrated into the curriculum and celebrated in our retreats, prayer services, liturgies and service opportunities.

Charity & Truth in Action
Service is a way of life here at Resurrection. Our students participate in a variety of ministry opportunities at school, outside of school, and with the family. The service program at Resurrection continues to grow as we focus on service to family, community, church and the marginalized.

Retreats - Deepening Faith


Campus ministry retreats are geared toward the spiritual development of each student. In addition to regular religious instruction in the classroom, each student has the opportunity each year to dive deeper into her faith through her class retreat.

Retreat by Class

 Retreat by Class Levels:

  • Freshman Retreat
  • Sophomore Retreat
  • Junior Retreat
  • Junior Kairos Retreat (optional)
  • Senior - Kairos Retreats
  • Senior - One-Day Retreats


Seniors have the privilege of attending the Kairos retreat. Kairos (pronounced Ki-rohz) is a Greek word for “time.” Unlike chronos which refers to chronological time, hours, days, etc. Kairos refers to a defining or opportune moment. Resurrection Kairos retreats are held at Bishop Lanes in Rockford, Illinois. Students depart on Tuesday after school and return on Friday afternoon. Chaperoned by the Campus Ministry Team and staff members, a trained student leadership team runs the retreat.

While on the retreat, students hear talks given by the leadership team, have time to discuss their experiences in small groups, respond to questions in their prayer journals, have a chance for sacramental confession and celebrate the Eucharist together. Each day begins and ends with prayer. The retreat format strives to meet students where they are by first asking them to reflect on their experiences and their current relationship with God. Students then hear stories of faith from their peers that help them to see how others experience God. There are personal prayer opportunities and activities that help them examine more deeply the need for God in their lives. Students are encouraged to pray about how they can best respond to God’s unique call for them and how their lives can be shaped to live that call more fully.

The Kairos retreat places special emphasis on the love that has been poured out on each student, and how that love can be put into action as service to others. Kairos is focused on building deep and lasting relationships, both with their classmates as well as with God.

Kairos is not mandatory but a majority of our seniors choose this retreat experience as a capstone of their time at Resurrection.

Alumnae frequently cite Kairos as one of their favorite memories of their time at Res.

Anastasias - Campus Ministry Student Leaders

Anastasias: Women of the Resurrection

The Campus Ministry Student Leadership Team, called the Anastasias, was implemented as an opportunity for students to get more involved in the faith life of the school. In Greek “Ana-stasis” is the word for Resurrection, and the name Anastasia literally means “women of the Resurrection.”

These seniors, juniors and sophomores commit to being women of the Resurrection both in their own lives as well as for the school. Through retreats, prayer opportunities, service projects and liturgy planning, these students promote the charism of Charity and Truth at a deeper level here at Resurrection. Throughout the year, these student leaders commit to an ongoing process of formation and prayer.

Service Program

Service Program

Students will participate in a service learning program with a specific focus each year. Students are required to complete 20 hours of service, and will be a part of small group discussions throughout the year to develop their personal goals.

By participating in this program, a Resurrection student will achieve and be able to articulate an understanding of a personal commitment to gospel values, an increased sense of a call to serve others, and personal growth as a result of their service.

Each class level focuses on a particular aspect of service and meets with their small groups to deepen their experience and understanding of service.

Freshmen - Service to Family
Sophomore - Service to Church and School
Junior - Service to the Community
Senior - Service to the Poor & Marginalized

Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

Our student body finds opportunities within the community to help others. Here are some examples of recent student involvement:

• Catholic Charities soup kitchens
• Feed My Starving Children
• Food drives
• Mercy Home Shamrocks for Kids
• Misericordia Tag Days
• New Hope Community Food Pantry
• Northwest Side Hunger Walk
• Reading Day at local grammar schools
• ResPunzel hair donation program
• Service trips
• Warm clothing drive

Each class level focuses on a particular aspect of service and meets in small groups to deepen their experience and understanding of service.

Faith Service Integration Program Goal"A Resurrection woman will acquire, through her participation and reflection in four-year comprehensive program of service, a deeper understanding of and
appreciation for the Christian vocation to service. Honoring our motto of Charity and Truth, each student will be given a platform for transformation through targeted service experiences and accompanying reflection.”

Freshmen - Service to Family
Sophomore - Service to Church and School
Junior - Service to the Community
Senior - Service to the Poor & Marginalized

Goals, Guidelines & Examples