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Fine Arts

At Resurrection, young women are provided opportunities to develop the whole person – head, heart, intellect, feelings, conscience, imagination and curiosity.


Students develop performance skills and theatrical knowledge through class instruction activities and co-curricular school plays. Coursework includes the study of voice and articulation, stage movement, improvisation, character and scene development, stage terms, and theatre history. School plays provide education in stage management, lighting, sound, and set design.

ND/RES Marching Band


Notre Dame College Prep and Resurrection College Prep High School combine to create the ND/Res Bands Program consisting of marching, jazz, and symphonic band. Through Faith, Scholarship, and Service, the band program strives to educate the mind and the heart.

ND/Res Bands Program


What they learn: In the dance program, students learn the history of dance, as well as explore and perform various dance styles, including, jazz, modern, and a hip-hop. These genres are taught in historical context and provide a physically experiential survey of dance skills, technique, improvisation, choreography, and critical analysis. In each unit, students learn different dance techniques that carry into each dance. Some dance techniques include turns, leaps and kicks. While preparing and performing for the show, many students are pushed outside their comfort zone and learn to perform for an audience amongst their peers. It's a great lesson in the bigger picture and can help students with things like public speaking. 

Curriculum: Any student may join dance. The dance instructor tries to build a foundation for them where they feel comfortable in the moves they do for their dances that allow them to perform to the best of their abilities. We have different levels offered at different times, such as: Dance I, Dance II, Dance III and IIII, and Honors Dance. Honors is the only dance class that is a full school year, so if a student would like to just do a single semester, they are more than capable of fitting that in. Each dance class covers Jazz, Ballet, Modern, and Hip-Hop. Although Ballet does not get an actual piece in the show, we do have a lesson on its history and how it came to America. Overall, our students dive heavily into a performance based class where they can work together in a physical environment to put together a final product (the dance showcase). Students can also develop an enriched understanding of dance with participation in the Orchesis dance team.

Orchesis: Orchesis is the dance team at Resurrection coached by Ms. Esther Moss. It has been two years since we have been able to host this team, and although Ms. Moss hosted a dance club last year, this year the dance program and team have grown tremendously and have had the opportunity to put on multiple shows and showcases. Orchesis is a team that girls must tryout for. They have two practices a week with Ms. Moss and also work towards the dance show each semester. Each semester Ms. Moss picks two students to choreograph two pieces to give them a chance at the creative process. This allows students to create something on their own that they are proud of and lead their team mates. Orchesis also performs at various school events such as, 7th Grade Experience Day, pep assemblies, and much more. 

Students making masks in Art Class


Students gain proficiency in the basics of drawing, color theory, and design through experience with a wide variety of art media. Course instruction includes painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, design, and other applications.