Getty Challenge

Resurrection art students participated in the Getty Museum Challenge by selecting a work of art and recreating it in a creative way using objects and people from their homes. 

Getty Schultz

Original art: The Child’s Bath by Mary Cassatt
recreation by Shealin Schultz - Resurrection Class of 2023

Getty - Dworak

Original art: The Son of Man by Rene Magritte
recreation by Veronica Dworak - Resurrection Class of 2023

Original art: Jeanne (Spring) by Edouard Manet
recreation by Malak Abu-Hashish - Resurrection Class of 2020

Getty Challenge - McCaleb

Original art: The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
recreation by Grace McCaleb - Resurrection Class of 2023

Mackow - Getty

Original art: Mummy Portrait of a Woman, A.D. 100, attributed to the Isidora Master
recreation by Keira Mackow - Resurrection Class of 2022

Getty Challenge - Brannigan

Original art: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
recreation by Abby Brannigan  - Resurrection Class of 2023

Getty Challenge- Irises

Original art: Irises by Vincent van Gogh
recreation by Emma Villari  - Resurrection Class of 2021

Getty - Gisler

Original art: The Desperate Man by Gustave Courbet
recreation by Juliana Gisler - Resurrection Class of 2021


Original art: Still Life With Kettle by Paul Cézanne
recreation by Hailey Shrader -  Resurrection Class of 2023

Getty Challenge - Owens

Original art: Ready to Wear by Stuart Davis
recreation by Olivia Owens - Resurrection Class of 2023

Sherman - Getty

Original art: Virgin and Child with Young John the Baptist by Antonio da Correggio
recreation by Gianna Sherman - Resurrection Class of 2023

Getty - Itounas

Original art: Scherzo di Follia by Virginia Verasis, Countess of Castiglione
recreation by Alexa Itounas - Resurrection Class of 2021