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Practicum Job Shadowing Program


Resurrection offers a one-of-a-kind high school opportunity to explore various fields, shadow professionals, and test-drive career options. Our location on the northwest side of Chicago provides access to professional mentors and job shadowing placements in the city and suburbs.

The Resurrection College Prep High School Practicum Job Shadowing Program is an educational experience in the field where students are placed with mentors and actively participate in professional work settings.  This program provides juniors and seniors with unique, hands-on work experience which enables them to better understand the practical and personal skills required in careers that interest them. The classroom component extends and deepens students’ field experiences through personal interest assessments and reflection papers. Students obtain a better understanding of their own skills and interests as they prepare for college selection and career success. 

For more information about the program, please contact Resurrection College Prep Practicum Program Coordinator Stephanie Walaszek at swalaszek@reshs.org or 773.775.6616 Ext 121.

Program Objectives

The Practicum Program will:

  1. Provide students with the necessary platform for further discovering their God-given talents incorporating experiential learning grounded in reflection.

  2. Expose students to a variety of field experiences that will further inform their understandings of how their skill sets and aspirations connect to those required of particular careers.

  3. Empower students to develop their worldview as it relates to who they are as members of society and how, via a career, they can contribute to their community at large

  4. Equip students with the necessary skills to establish professional relationships.

Practicum Program Placements

Program Placements
Some placements have included:

Athletic Training
Cancer Treatment
Child Care
Civil Engineering
Emergency Room
Family Birth
Family Practice
Graphic Arts
Information Technology
Interior Design
Law Enforcement
Marketing/Public Relations
Mental Health
Non-Profit Agencies
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician’s Assistant
Social Work
Special Education
Special Events Planning
Speech Pathology
Veterinary Medicine

Practicum Mentors

Practicum Mentors

Students work with mentors in a professional setting to explore career possibilities and learn career-related skills. Through mentor interaction and observation, students gain a fuller understanding of the skills required and how people interact in a particular work environment.

Through the field experiences, mentors may:

  • Explain what the work entails: the role and purpose of the particular department or type of work.

  • Allow the student to observe the professional in action, being a “shadow” to the mentor in the day-to-day activities and duties of the mentor.

  • Provide the student with tasks appropriate to their interest, capabilities, and appropriateness of the situation. Some examples include sitting in on a meeting, assisting with a project, and interacting with clients/students/patients.

  • Offer opportunities for the student to relate to and interact with other professionals in the workplace.

  • Describe the appropriate behavior and responses required when working with patients/clients/customers as well as confidentiality issues required.

  • Detail the soft and hard skills needed for a career in the particular profession.

  • Share information such as opportunities and challenges of the career, educational requirements, universities and colleges offering programs or degrees, job market outlook, and salary scale.