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Picture it: the leaves blowing in the breeze, the air has a slight bite, and bright red, orange, yellow, and brown colors can be found at every turn. This fantasy image is now a reality! Fall is upon us! The return of fall marks many things: homecomings, Halloween, and pumpkin patches become the best sources of amusement, and pumpkin spice flavors take over. This takeover is highly evident at the Park Ridge Trader Joe’s, where fall products and decorations fill the aisles. For the past three months, I have had the pleasure of working there, and have seen the store’s transformation from a summer oasis to a pumpkin paradise. Below you will find many of the Trader Joe’s Fall 2022 products that I and my fellow crew members have tried, listed with rankings, prices, and overall thoughts. If an item sounds good to you, head over to your local TJ’s and try it out!

Walking around the current hallways of Resurrection, you can find sneezing, sniffles, and coughing wherever you go. Sickness is going around RES and everyone seems to have had it to some degree. I myself was out of school for four days, because of how bad it was. Besides the typical make-up work, I needed things to do with all the time I had while out. After snacking and sleeping wore out, I turned my eyes to the movie screens where I would watch four films a day. The scenes and stories could take me out of my ill misery and bring me into a whole new world. Most of the movies I watched were Rom-Coms that could make me smile and take my mind off of things. After a week of illness, I think I can definitively share the best Rom-Coms to watch when you’re sick

Serena Jamika Williams was born on September 26th, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan. Her family moved to Compton, California where Serena's life in tennis took its root when she was 3-years old. After becoming a nationally ranked player in junior tennis, Serena made her professional debut at the Bell Challenge in Quebec City when she was 14-years old. Over the span of her career, Serena would go on to win four Olympic gold medals and a record of 23 Grand Slam titles, one shy of the record. Serena is considered the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport, but how did she get here? What hardships did she face, and how has she inspired others like her?