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Uniform & Dress Code

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The Resurrection College Prep uniform is to be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company located at 7055 W. Higgins Ave. in Chicago. Phone: 708.669.7944.

Students wear their uniform throughout the school day, including study and lunch periods. Uniforms are to be clean, neat and in good repair. Uniform items that are too small or have rips or holes must be mended or replaced, as necessary. Skirts that cannot be altered to meet the length requirement must be replaced.

On days that the school assembles as a community, it is expected that all students are wearing the complete uniform with special attention to neatness. Students are expected to wear dress shoes or white, black or grey athletic shoes on the days that the school celebrates a Mass or liturgy. Colored athletic shoes are not acceptable with the school uniform on these days.

The school uniform consists of a uniform polo, uniform skirt, shoes and socks, and the school ID must be worn around the neck on a red or black Res lanyard at all times

  • For the Class of 2022, the Heather Grey Gabardine box pleated skirt is required.
  • For the Class of 2023, the Mcdonald Plaid box pleated skirt is required.
  • For the Class of 2024, the Ward Plaid box pleated skirt is required.
  • For the Class of 2025, the Chancellor Plaid box pleated skirt is required.  
  • The fleece front-zip, which is ordered from Dennis Uniforms, may be worn over the polo for extra warmth. Although other tops are no longer available for sale, such as the quarter-zip sweatshirt, the school sweater or half-zip ladies pullover, these tops may also be worn by all students, regardless of their class level. This enables families with multiple Resurrection students to continue to use uniform items that they have already purchased. 
  • Long or short sleeved T-shirts worn under the uniform shirt must be solid white, grey, black or red. Long sleeved shirts with writing down the arm is not permitted.

The uniform skirt:

  • The uniform skirt length must extend from the waist to at least two inches above the knee. Skirts must be worn with the skirt band at the waist and must be zipped.
  • Shorts worn under the skirt must not be visible.
  • Leggings or tights may be worn with the uniform skirt.
  • Sweatpants, fleece or flannel pants, slacks or other long bottoms may not be worn with the uniform skirt.

Socks and footwear:

  • Solid white, solid black, or solid grey socks, knee socks, tights or solid black, grey or white leggings. Socks with patterns or other colors (including red) are not allowed. Logos, such as the Nike swish, on socks are permitted.
  • Athletic or casual shoes with a closed toe and heel. Students are expected to wear dress shoes or white, black or grey athletic shoes on the days that the school celebrates a Mass or liturgy.


  • Winter boots, including Uggs, may be worn on dates announced by the Administration.
  • Tattoos cannot be visible.
  • Sunglasses cannot be worn.
  • Hair must be one natural color. Unnatural color hair dyes, such as blue, green, pink, orange, purple, and/or extreme hair styles that include, but are not limited to, fad, shaved or engraved hairstyles are not permitted. Acceptable hair coloring/styles are determined at the Administration’s discretion.
  • Piercing of the ear is allowed.
  • Stretching of the earlobe or other body parts is not allowed.
  • Facial piercings are not allowed. Jewelry for any form of body piercing other than the ear cannot be worn, even if it is covered by a bandage.
  • Flesh-colored spacers or keepers for nose piercings may be worn.
  • Other jewelry deemed inappropriate for the school setting by the Administration cannot be worn.

The following items cannot be worn at any time:

  • Bandanas
  • Clothing that is written upon
  • Crocs, Slippers, flip-flops, sandals
  • Halter or tank tops
  • Mini-skirts
  • Outdoor apparel, including jackets, coats, vests, hats, scarves (with the exception of head coverings for religious reasons, such as a Hijab)
  • Ripped clothing or clothing with holes  
  • Shorts
  • Tops with plunging necklines or that expose the midriff

Spirit Apparel Days
Spirit Apparel wear includes Resurrection College Prep sweatshirts, sweatpants, T-shirts, club/ organization wear, Resurrection College Prep athletic wear (but not school-issued athletic team uniforms and warm-ups), sweatpants, yoga pants or capris.

Other requirements include:

  • The school ID on a red or black Res lanyard
  • Reswear top layer and visible
  • Uniform shoes and socks
  • Any sweatpants or bottoms that have writing across the buttocks are inappropriate for school and cannot be worn.

Spirit Apparel Top Days
On designated Spirit Apparel Top Days, club, organization, publication and athletic wear (not athletic uniforms or warm-ups) may be worn with the school skirt or school uniform slacks. This includes crew and hooded sweatshirts, as well as T-shirts. On these days, any Res apparel tops may be worn and are not dependent on what clubs are meeting.

Uniform/Dress Code Violations
Students who violate the uniform/dress code will be referred to the Dean’s office. A student will receive a detention assignment once she reaches 6 points. Points are assigned according to the uniform/dress code expectations that have been disregarded. (See handbook.)

Student Recognition Ceremonies
Students are expected to wear clothing that is in good taste and reflects modesty.
Clothing requirements:

  • Dress or skirt length cannot be more than two inches above the knee. 
  • Dresses or skirts cannot be tight or formfitting. Form-fitting pants are not permitted.
  • Spaghetti straps, strapless dresses/tops must be covered with a shawl or sweater.
  • Halter tops, tank tops, or tops that expose the midriff or that have a plunging neckline are unacceptable.
  • Flip-flops or slippers are not permitted.

Students who choose to wear clothing that does not meet the above dress code will not be admitted to the event or allowed to participate.

IDs are issued through the Dean’s office.

  • Students, faculty and staff wear IDs on a red or black Res lanyard at all times when they are in the building and carry them on their person when off school property on field trips.
  • IDs are required to access some library services and can be used to purchase food in the cafeteria provided that a Quest account has been established.
  • ID lanyards can be purchased in the Main Office or the Attendance Office at a cost of $2.